Kobold Press

A Kobold Birthday

Yes, despite various life-threatening adventures, Kobold Quarterly has reached its first anniversary with the release of issue #5!

This issue is a great one (though I may be biased), because it includes:

  • An Exclusive 4th Edition Interview: We asked the designers of the 4th Edition Player’s Handbook for D&D a few pointed questions—and gotten the inside scoop! Andy Collins, James Wyatt, and Rob Heinsoo offer wisdom, wit, and some suggestions for character conversion from 3rd Edition.
  • A truly creepy Ecology of the Homunculus
  • Improving your improvisation skills from Nicolas Logue, and
  • the Arch-Devil Jezebel by Paizo’s master of the diabolical, James Jacobs!

Give it a look, won’t you? You can pick up a copy right here on Koboldquarterly.com.

Or you could just subscribe, because there is another year full of adventure ahead.