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Lost Magic: Disease of Debauched Decadence

The following spell from our Lost Magic contest entries might just provide both adventurers and GMs with an interesting challenge. What will happen if it is used in a heavily populated area? Take a peek, and provide any feedback you want regarding story elements and mechanical elements in the comments below! Disease of Debauched Decadence…

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Tiamat Tuesdays: Closing In On the Cult

As I hinted in the installment of Tiamat Tuesday on July 8, episodes 5–8 of Hoard of the Dragon Queen are more open-ended than episodes 1–4. The second half of the adventure isn’t a sandbox; characters still have a mystery to unravel and an evil plot to stop. They will, however, face dilemmas that have…

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ENnies 2014 Nominations Announced

The annual ENnie Awards have posted their list of nominations plus their Judges’ Spotlight awards — and the kobolds are in the running! I’m honored and delighted to see the Kobold Guide to Magic and the Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age Compatible Edition nominated. It’s always gratifying to have a book nominated that’s designed to bring new…

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Book Review: The Leopard

A Novel by K.V. Johansen To say Ahjvar the assassin leads a rough life is an understatement. You would think that being an assassin was a tough job, but try being an assassin who doesn’t die. Then try being an assassin who can’t die but wants to—not my idea of a good time. Even further,…

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