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Dark Folk Magic

Until Deep Magic comes out, James Eder continues to provide us with groups and more to help satisfy our craving for magic. Take a look… The Band of the Black Shroud A particularly vicious group of Dark Stalkers, the Band of the Black Shroud seeks to rob those who travel on the paths above their…

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Kobold Guide to Magic Now Available

The newest volume in our award-winning series of game design guides goes deep into a single topic: the burning, shimmering, prismatic heart of fantasy itself… What makes a fantasy fantastic? Magic, of course! Whether it’s unearthly beasts, scheming sorcerers, legendary swords or locales that defy logic and physics, a compelling fantasy story needs magical elements.…

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Book Review: The Dagger of Trust, Pathfinder Tales

The Dagger of Trust, Chris Willrich 400, Paizo Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1601256140 Gideon Gull is a bard in training—actually he is dual majoring in the bardic arts and becoming a spy/assassin. The college he attends is the Rhapsodic College, and right below it is the Shadow School. While finishing his training, Gideon is haunted by a…

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