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Eight Frightfully Eerie Pulp Fiction Adventure Hooks

“…what nameless shapes may even now lurk in the dark places of the world?” —Robert E. Howard, “The Black Stone” Well met, and welcome to my own curious little corner of the Crossroads. Here you’ll find harrowing tales of high adventure and histories of unspeakable eldritch horrors. I’ve always been excited by strange fiction, and…

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The Imajaghan: Blue Turban Paladins of the Desert

In the Southlands Kickstarter, backers just unlocked some martial traditions for the blue turban warriors. To give you a sense of what’s in store for the blue turban paladins, Brian Suskind provides you with another quick peek! Read on! Wearing indigo-colored cheche, a garment that is both veil and turban, and flowing white robes, the…

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The Southlands Come Alive: Lost Cities of Gold and Salt

This time we provide you with a teaser for the lost cities of the Southlands. Come take a look at Adam Roy’s peek at what’s in store for you in the Southlands Kickstarter. “Mardas Vhula-gai” is a ruined city overrun by tribes of Dabu gnolls, an outpost of the Kingdom of the Gnoll Queen, located…

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From Zobeck to the Southlands

Adam Daigle has joined in on the Southlands Kickstarter project, and today he shares with you a bit about himself and his work on this project. I first started playing around in the world of Midgard when it was just a crossroads city called Zobeck. At this point, Kickstarter wasn’t even a thing, and Wolfgang…

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On Converting Monsters to D&D

One of the unlocked goals of the Southlands Kickstarter includes monsters for the fifth edition of D&D. You can learn more about converting monsters from one system to another from Rodrigo García Carmona, who talks to us about both math and the language of conversion in this blog post. A conversion is more art than…

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