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Snakes and Scorpions: Four Menacing Pulp Monsters

“… and now from an opening on one side came a silent writhing horror that reared up and glared on the intruder with awful luminous eyes; a serpent twenty feet long, with shimmering, iridescent scales.” —Robert E. Howard, “Black Colossus” The days of high adventure are full of high-risk, high-reward situations. And nothing says “risky”…

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Grand Duchy: Traits From an Elfen Kingdom

Who knew that grandmother’s stories told beside the evening fire were entertaining and contained elements of elf history? Did you ever wonder why warriors from Reywald and Donnermark often favored the warhammer, traditionally a dwarven weapon? And who doesn’t trust a resident of Salzbach to taste-test the contents of an unmarked potion? Players who create…

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Beyond Mapping: Building 3-D Gaming Environments

Recently, as part of an effort to teach skills that would be useful in designing video games, Todd Morgan Shirley embarked on a project with his daughter Reina Yoneyama Shirley: teaching her how to play D&D. Todd believes that beyond the fundamental game theory a player and/or DM gains from D&D there are numerous transferable…

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Monarch of the Monsters Deadline Draws Near

If you’re interested in showing off your own fifth edition D&D monster creation, join us in the most recent monster contest that Kobold Press is running! Visit our contest rules to learn more about the contest! The deadline for this contest is 2/23/15 — don’t miss out on the fun!