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Collection of Curiosities: At the Oasis

To celebrate the Southlands Kickstarter, we have some things you might stumble across at the oasis. You can roll randomly for a result below, use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters…

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Southlands Artist Interview: Subroto Bhaumik

Marc Radle recently interviewed Southlands Kickstarter project illustrator Subroto Bhaumik so that you could see how this artist started a career in the industry and more! Read on to learn more… When did you decide to become an illustrator, and why did you make this choice? I used to love drawing as a kid, and…

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Real Steel: Coins of the Southlands

Coins. Gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Throughout history, they’ve been struck, cast, engraved, and cut. Their style and artwork are a reflection of the culture that created them. It’s no surprise that coins are being used in gaming. They can help build the flavor of a world and give insight into the religions and art…

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The Aeromancers of Aerdvall, Masters of Air Magics

Join us for another look at the colorful and evocative gaming options provided by the Southlands project, which is currently being Kickstarted. On the opposite side of the crescent desert from Nuria-Natal lies the wondrous sky-city of Aerdvall. Roughly 2,100 years ago, refugees from far Sikkim raised their city to hover high above the foreboding…

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Antagonists of the Southlands

Leaning casually against the edge of the balcony opening, the lion-headed rakshasa peered at the heroes with yellow cat-eyes. Gunnar stepped forward, hefting his thrice-blessed axe. “Foul creature! We shall free this land of your evil touch!” “DO WE HAVE GUESTS, BHUKASTA?” The booming voice crashed down upon them as a massive face appeared beyond…

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