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The Simple (Yet Epic) Elegance
of Bruce R. Cordell

If you’ve played Dungeons & Dragons at all in the last decade, you’ve probably run into Bruce R. Cordell’s work. And if you’ve used his gaming books or run his adventures, you’ve probably noticed that there seems to be some larger—some epic—arc connecting it all. If you’ve ever met him at a con or online,…

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A Question of What’s Cool:
A Conversation with Wesley Schneider

With RPG titles like Classic Horrors Revisited (forthcoming from Paizo), Seven Days to the Grave (Paizo), and Cage of Delirium (Goodman Games), F. Wesley Schneider’s work clearly runs toward the dark. Indeed, Schneider’s writing and his tastes are downright diabolical. “In RPG terms, I’ve always been way more interested in devils than in other fiends,”…

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The Grim Human and the Buxom Elf Princess:
A Conversation with Ed Greenwood Part IV

If you are just joining us, the previous installments of Greenweek are available: Part I, Part II, and Part III. On average, Ed Greenwood completes three novels, nine short stories, and a variety of other projects each year, including articles, introductions, essays, and gaming products. Fortunately for his fans, he writes quickly and often. The…

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A Beautiful Banquet:
A Conversation with Ed Greenwood Part III

Greenweek continues with part III of our interview with Mr. Greenwood. If you missed part I or part II, it’s easy to get caught up! In Ed Greenwood’s The Sword Never Sleeps, the final novel of the Knights of Myth Drannor trilogy, characters rush through a series of confrontations, resolving chases and conflicts established earlier…

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A Glowing Handful of Scenes:
A Conversation with Ed Greenwood Part II

Did you miss Part I of our Greenweek interview series? It’s easy to get caught up! In the opening scene of Ed Greenwood’s Dark Lord, the protagonist Rod Everlar awakes to a bloody winged female warrior named Taeauna falling onto his bed. Everlar is scared and confused, Taeauna begs for mercy, and the reader is…

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