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Ley Lines Finalist: “The Apple Thief” by Maggie Hoyt

We have six finalists in the Ley Lines fiction contest, and here is Maggie Hoyt’s entry for your reading pleasure. The eastern Margreve was desolate, an endless waste of sparse trees. Finna crunched through falling autumn leaves, her footsteps echoing against the silent, lifeless backdrop. Her hunger hadn’t been so bad yesterday, for she had…

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Ley Lines Contest Finalists

The Ley Line judges have made their decisions, and today we are happy to announce the SIX finalists and their stories for this contest (presented in alphabetical order by author’s last name): “A Place Without Time” by David Amburgey “The Apple Thief” by Maggie Hoyt “A Done Deal, a Final Act, and a Parting” by…

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