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Collection of Curiosities: The Sarcophagus

The weird and wondrous might await your player characters when they start opening random sarcophagi. You can use any of these details as starting points to flesh out some other interesting things if the player characters choose to look around a bit more. If you want to roll randomly for one, use the handy number…

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Ley Lines Contest Voting Now Open

Now that you have all six of the entries for the Ley Lines contest, it’s time to vote for your favorite entry. Just pick one of the entries below when you see our poll go live! If you haven’t yet read all the entries, you can visit the handy links below. Thanks for voting! “A…

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Ley Lines Finalist: “Ice Maiden’s Heart” by Troy E. Taylor

We have six finalists in the Ley Lines fiction contest, and here is Troy E. Taylor’s entry for your reading pleasure. Mead Hall Yaznexitoken adjusted his jeweled and silver-dusted cloak, which glittered in contrast to his dull maroon scales. Rings adored three fingers on his right hand, a band of worked silver encircled his left…

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Theurge Class – 13th Age Compatible

The theurge is one of the most popular classes in our New Paths Compendium for Pathfinder RPG.  Now, Ryven Cedrylle offers this distinctive class for your 13th Age roleplaying game… Theurge Wizards cast spells. Clerics utter prayers. Sorcerers draw on their magical bloodlines and druids draw on the power of nature. You do none of these…

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