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Monsters of Sin: Lust Now Available

Monsters of Sin - Lust“You kill those who stand between you and your goals. You strive to pull down the mighty, and usurp their power. You plunder ancient tombs and spend your coin on the pleasures of the flesh. Tell me, Pathfinder: will you be able to stand against the Monsters of Sin? Or have you already fallen to them?”

Lust is desire gone out of control, a corrupting force that destroys yourself and others. Lust is a tough opponent: it has billions of advertising dollars behind it, it looks super-hot in a leather jacket, and its hair smells nice. Now Monsters of Sin: Lust is available for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and you can pick it up (so to speak) in the Kobold Store now.

Here’s what Monsters of Sin: Lust has in store for the unwary…

  • The Inbred Orc, victim of passions run amok
  • The inoffensive, innocent, and just-a-bit-curious Truffle
  • The Loverlorn, a jilted bride who gets her revenge over and over again
  • The voracious Embodiment of Lust itself, the ultimate lover, who boils the blood of the suitors it toys with
  • Detail on Lust within the Midgard Campaign Setting
  • Rules for incorporating Lust into your NPCs and monsters

Whether you’re running a Campaign of Sin, or just want to add a little greed to your game, Monsters of Sin: Lust offers intriguing possibilities! Buy the PDF, or subscribe and save.