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Trapsmith: Impromptu Surprises (Part 4)

“There goes my reputation,” Gavin mused. “Renowned trapsmith caught in baroness’s boudoir.”

Being spotted by the household guards had been careless. Getting cornered by those same guards in the baroness’s chambers was unforgivable. If they caught him, well, that would be his undoing. Gavin took in his surroundings: he saw a steel mirror and a carefully stacked pile of scented soaps. Trapsmithing thoughts formed as Gavin hands reached for his climbing kit and the flask of acid he had purchased to breach the baron’s vault.

Trapsmiths love alchemy and the lethal treasures it produces. Frequent purchases and use inevitably leads to some working knowledge on the topic of chemical reactions, such as what happens when you mix an acid with a base and the wonderful concepts of lubrication and pressure.

Soap can be a wonderful lubricant when used properly. Applying some to a steel mirror and placing it just right can trip a target up.

Slippery Steel Mirror Trap     CR 1
Type mechanical; Perception DC 16; Disable Device DC 16
Trigger location; Reset none
Effect succeed on a DC 15 Reflex save or fall prone

Soap is a wonderful base for acid-base reactions.

Caustic Bubbles Trap     CR 1
Type mechanical; Perception DC 16; Disable Device DC 18
Trigger location; Reset none
Effect caustic bubbles (3d6 acid damage, DC 15 Reflex save for half damage); multiple targets (all targets within a 15 ft. cone)

Pitons pierce flesh as easily as they do stone—all you need is pressure.

Pressurized Piton Trap     CR 1
Type mechanical; Perception DC 15; Disable Device DC 15
Trigger location; Reset none
Effect atk +20 ranged (1d4+7/x3)

Or, if you want to be less frugal with the resources at hand, you can easily build a soapy slide and sour staking trap. The mirror is coated with soap and trips up the target unless he or ashe succeeds on a DC 16 Reflex save. From the ceiling, acid-covered pitons fall upon the target.

Soapy Slide and Sour Staking Trap     CR 1
Type mechanical; Perception DC 16; Disable Device DC 15
Trigger location; Reset none
Effect soapy slide; DC 16 Reflex save to avoid falling prone
Effect sour staking; (atk +9 melee, 2d6 plus 2d6 acid damage)

Next Installment

What can Gavin do with a spoon, an ink vial, a portable ram, and a rope?

The Challenge

Name four adventuring items and receive a murderous trap in return.

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5 Replies to "Trapsmith: Impromptu Surprises (Part 4)"


August 8, 2012 at 9:05am

I don’t know if these qualify as the types of adventuring items you’re looking for, but here goes:

A bag of marbles
A butterfly net
A flask of keros oil
A hunk of cheese


August 8, 2012 at 10:24am

I don’t know what keros oil is. Is it short for kerosene?

Anyway, those are four perfectly good adventuring items, thanks.


August 9, 2012 at 4:24pm


A 10′ pole
An Everburning Torch
A Holy Symbol
A sackful of Chalk


August 10, 2012 at 12:41am

OK, thanks Doomedpaladin (twice)!

Those are 4 very interesting items. Very challenging items I might add. I might have to substitute an item with something else……