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Trapsmith: Impromptu Surprises (Part 5)

Pain jolted Gavin with every step he took, and blood seeped through fingers that he pressed hard on the gash covering his right side.

“’Come to his lordship’s party, Gavin,’ she’d said. ‘It’s going to be fun, and you can meet new clients.’”

Business had been slow, and she had smiled that smile of hers, so he had relented. It had been fun, he had made some new contacts, and there had been a fire-breathing bard. Everything was fine until the butterfly hunt started. Now it was no longer fun for him. The monsters, however, were having fun butchering the guests.

Gavin ducked into the bard’s tent, breathing hard. His eyes took in the tent’s contents: there was a platter with a large amount of extraordinarily smelly cheese on it. He saw several flasks of keros oil and a jar filled with brightly hued marbles. That damned butterfly hunting net was still in his hands, too. Then he spotted the bard’s sheet music in a sturdy scroll case and an idea blossomed. Gavin went to work.

“Gods, it was hard to concentrate with all those people screaming,” he muttered as he started.

It’s hard working under pressure, but trapsmiths do like working with pressure. Pressure seeks the path of least resistance, and trapsmiths enjoy directing that power to nefarious ends. One such end is the blast of marbles trap. It requires taking an empty scroll case and filling it with keros oil. A slice of cheese seals off the oil and acts as the backing for some marbles. Another slice of cheese is put on top of the marbles. Igniting the keros oil sets off the trap.

Blast of Marbles Trap    CR 3

Type mechanical; Perception DC 20; Disable Device DC 16

Trigger location; Reset none

Effect blast of marbles (4d6 damage, DC 17 Reflex save for half damage); multiple targets (all targets in a 20 ft. line)

The cheesy downpour trap uses the butterfly net to contain the last of the cheese. On top of the cheese lie a few vials of keros oil. The entire contraption is hoisted above a certain location. Igniting the oil destroys the net and melts the cheese. If timed correctly, a target will be covered with cheese and unable to act due to the hideous smell.

Cheesy Downpour Trap     CR 2

Type mechanical; Perception DC 18; Disable Device DC 17

Trigger location; Reset none

Effect atk +9 ranged touch (1d3 fire damage and the target must succeed on a DC 13 Fortitude save or become nauseated for 1d4+1 rounds)

Next Installment

What can Gavin do with a 10-ft. pole, an everburning torch, a holy symbol, and a sack full of chalk?

The Challenge

Name four adventuring items and receive a murderous trap in return.

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8 Replies to "Trapsmith: Impromptu Surprises (Part 5)"


August 15, 2012 at 12:08pm

Worth mentioning that melted cheese is extremely hot and may do a couple of points of fire damage. No more than 1d3, but when you’re desperate every little bit helps.


August 15, 2012 at 12:10pm

I meant to say over a 1 point of fire for 1d3 rounds. I feel silly.


August 15, 2012 at 1:08pm

Woot! This is the one using my suggestions! Wooha!


August 16, 2012 at 12:29am

@DMCal: your welcome, first time I had to work with cheese so thanks for the opportunity and the items. :-)


August 16, 2012 at 5:02am

A sledgehammer
10′ of chain
A bag of sand
A folding chair


August 16, 2012 at 7:05am

@Hecknoshow: thanks for the input!


August 16, 2012 at 8:45am

Try this out for size:

a 10 ft pole
a Wizard’s wand
A bottle of Lantern Oil
A frying pan


August 16, 2012 at 1:40pm

A wizard’s wand is not as mundane as I would have liked but maybe I can substitute a stick :-)