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Midgard Release Party This Saturday at AFK Tavern

Midgard Release Party Menu - DrinkAs you might have heard, the Midgard Campaign Setting launched. NOW WE PARTY LIKE KOBOLD MINERS ON PAYDAY.

Come join us this Saturday, October 13 at AFK Tavern in Everett, WA for a Midgard Release Party that will wake the World Serpent! We start at 6:00 PM and officially wrap up at 8:00, but AFK’s menu of Midgard-themed food and drinks that they created especially for this event will be available until 2:00 AM. We’ll have giveaways and Wolfgang will probably make a speech fueled by emotion and several shots of a concoction AFK calls “Whispers of the Huginn”.

Take a look at this menu, seriously: Midgard Release Party Menu from AFK.

Then RSVP on Facebook. We hope to see you there!

2 Replies to "Midgard Release Party This Saturday at AFK Tavern"

Frank Tedeschi

October 12, 2012 at 12:40pm

If I lived within a hundred miles of WA I would absolutely come and celebrate the sheer force of excellence the Midgard Campaign Setting turned out to be. I can earnestly say that I am not only thrilled, but proud to have been a patron to a such a remarkable book.


October 12, 2012 at 2:39pm

Frank, thank you for your support on this book!

The party will be mostly locals, of course, and I hear a couple of Paizo and Wizards folks might attend. I’ll do a writeup for Monday if I’ve recovered by then!