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Real Steel: Throwing Knives

Throwing KnivesDaggers, darts, and staffs. That was your choice of weapons when you rolled that level 1 mage with 1 hit point and one sleep spell way back when. Many of us chose the dagger or darts (more on darts and spikes another time) because they can be thrown and keep that single hit point out of melee.

The Bad News

Unfortunately, in the real world, throwing knives aren’t very effective. It’s hard to get enough force behind the point to get any real penetration, and it’s very hard to get it to hit point first without knowing the distance to the target. I’m not a physicist (maybe a physicist or an engineer can pipe in?), but it seems that too much energy is lost to angular momentum. And the spin works against you at every turn.

The good news is that gamers don’t care. We’ll make it work.

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Collection of Curiosities: That Strange Jar on the Shelf

"Jiro the Kobold" by Pat LoboykoIn need of a few details for that apothecary shoppe? Or maybe the scary necromancer’s lab? Perhaps one or more of the twelve suggestions below will suit your campaign. You can roll randomly for a result below, use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

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The Southlands Comes Alive: Venture Forth With Us

Southlands Teaser Image #1

Nkumu flailed through the vine-choked trees with death only steps behind. He had watched his companions fall one by one. The three Nurian merchants screamed as their skin peeled from their bones. The two Zobeckian swordsmen choked and gagged, infected by tiny green tendrils that crept out of their eyes and mouths. Now alone, Nkumu staggered on. Come what may, he was going to make it. He was going to live!

The twisted, thorny tip of the vine burst through Nkumu’s chest from behind. Other vines exploded out of the jungle canopy to wrap themselves around his arms and legs. As his body was dragged back, Nkumu realized he should never have entered the Living Jungle.

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Monster Mondays: Molluetuesk

MonsterMondaysA molluetuesk is a large cave-lurking beast that appears similar to a huge horseshoe crab, which opens itself up into a cavernous opening. Its “mouth” very closely resembles an iridescent tranquil pool of water with small fish to lure prey. If the pool is disturbed, the mouth will snap shut with the stalactite and stalagmite teeth impaling victims within its maw.

A molluetuesk’s mouth is nearly the size of its entire body. Most of its organs are therefore exposed when the mouth is open, although they are lined with a thin carapace to take on the appearance of interesting cavern decor. The exception is its stomach, which appears as an iridescent pool of water with vestigial fleshy filaments that look like swimming albino cave fish. The pool is mixture of gills, ropey tubes, and an open sac of hot sweet-smelling digestive juices.

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New Paths Compendium for Hero Lab

New Paths Compendium Cover FrontWe are extremely excited to announce that Hero Lab will soon provide you with New Paths options. Thanks to them, you can soon choose from seven new and expanded classes from Level 1 to 20, plus the following:

  • 28 new archetypes for monks, ninjas, gunslingers, barbarians, fighters, clerics, and all seven New Paths Compendium classes
  • 20 new spells for druids, rangers, shamans, and other classes
  • Almost 100 new feats for new and existing classes
  • And more!

As of this writing, just over half of the content from New Paths Compendium is available early in September, and you should see the rest as a part of the late September Hero Labs Pathfinder update. If you purchase New Paths Compendium upon release, the new content will be available as a free update once added.

So, pick up New Paths Compendium for Hero Lab for only $14.99 next week (on Monday or Tuesday)! And be sure to check out our New Paths Compendium at the Kobold Press store.

[Edited to update date estimates.]

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