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Enter the Dragon’s Lair Finalist: The Black Crater of Blinder’s Keep by Christopher Lockey

Dragon LairOur expert judges have conferred, and we have our five finalists for the Enter the Dragon’s Lair contest! Each day this week, we’ll post one of the finalists, and then we’ll set up a voting process so that you, our readers, can vote for your favorite entry. Today’s entry comes from Christopher Lockey—congratulations, Christopher, for being another of our finalists!

The Black Crater of Blinder’s Keep (CR 14)

Rumors surrounding a mysterious calamity at Blinder’s Keep have surfaced in the streets of Zobeck. And travelers from each corner of the Crossroads share tales of a terrible wind northwest of Runkelstad, where the forlorn Keep and its haunted hamlet have sat in ruin for generations. Something stirs in the shadows of Blinder’s Keep. And whatever it is, it spells doom for the fair folk of Midgard…

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Tiamat Tuesdays: So You’re Running Tyranny of Dragons . . .

Tiamat TuesdaysTyranny of Dragons is an immense, sprawling adventure filled with epic encounters, plot twists, and numerous NPCs with their own agendas. Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat allow (some might say demand) Dungeon Masters to really stretch their wings and put their creativity to the test. Things start out straightforward enough in Hoard of the Dragon Queen, as you’d expect in a low-level adventure, but by halfway through, the Dungeon Master is making almost as many crucial decisions as the players are. The Rise of Tiamat asks a lot from DMs right from the beginning, with its immense background events, political component, and multitude of paths for characters to follow to their goal. It asks a lot of players, too, because they are free to chart their own course through events to a greater extent than in most adventures.

Because of that, this week’s column is devoted to offering advice to Dungeon Masters on how to maximize everyone’s enjoyment of these adventures and to keep their game tables humming like well-oiled machines.

We begin with a warning to potential players—this article makes direct mention of certain events from the adventure. If you plan to play in a Tyranny of Dragons campaign and you’d rather not have any hints about what terrors await, now would be a good time to flip to a different article (such as The Story So Far… as presented on the Wizards of the Coast site).

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Enter the Dragon’s Lair Finalist: Ice Bridge by Ronald Corn

Dragon LairOur expert judges have conferred, and we have our five finalists for the Enter the Dragon’s Lair contest! Each day this week, we’ll post one of the finalists, and then we’ll set up a voting process so that you, our readers, can vote for your favorite entry. Today’s entry comes from Ronald Corn—congratulations, Ronald, for gaining one of the coveted finalist positions!

Ice Bridge Encounter

After a grueling climb, you finally reach the summit of the icy southern peak. Staring out across a great expanse, you can barely make out a cave mouth carved into the side of the next rise. Unfortunately there is only one way to reach the next peak or the cave mouth; by a long bridge made of ice.

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Book Review: Desert Moon

Desert Moon
Novel by Mark Walker

The year is 2341, and Earth has formed a multi-planet confederation. As part of this confederation, Earth is now known as Terra and they have a defense force known as the Terran Defense Force (or TDF). The TDF consists of modern weapons including power-armored tanks and vehicles, which are called CATs. Most of these are manned by genetically engineered troops called Purebreds. These troops are made to be faster, smarter, and bigger than normal humans. Combined with this arsenal of equipment and super soldiers are the Assassins. Surpassing even the Purebreds, the Assassins are faster and stronger, and they have their sense enhanced past their peers. Oh, and there is one other catch: They are vampires. Their need for blood drives them to be some of the most feared killers in the confederation. The only weakness these vampires have is that they crave blood; stakes, garlic, and sunlight mean nothing to them unless the garlic is on bread—then they will eat it.

Sediana, the setting for the novel, is the future’s version of a Native American reservation, and it has vast amounts of bauxite, which is a key component in the manufacturing of things like space ships. The TDF wants to protect the resource, but the locals are getting restless and they have just found an ancient stash of M1A4 Abrams tanks, Bradley IFVs, M-4 carbines, and attack helicopters.

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Gen Con 2014 and Kobold Press

595px-Gen_Con_logo.svgNext week, Gen Con 2014 begins, and we wanted to share with you some of what the fine folk at Kobold Press are doing in Indianapolis (aside from being very Koboldy!). We have many more events being run, but most are sold out at this point. So, the ones you see below are still available—snag a spot as soon as you can!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 a.m.: RPG1459612 Madman at the Bridge (4 hrs; $4 Pathfinder, 1st Edition)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

10 a.m.: SEM1459561 Wizards Three: Design 201, Making Magic Exciting (1 hr; $0)
With Wolfgang Baur, Benjamin McFarland, Colin McComb
Blazing rays, clever illusions, and potent incantations! Discuss the black art of Pathfinder magic spell creation. We’ll talk about the unwritten rules and unbreakable guidelines.

Noon: SEM1459562 Creating Pulp Adventure (1 hr; $0)
With Wolfgang Baur
Lost cities? White apes? Why, of course! Freelancers and Publishers discuss what makes an adventure “Pulp” and how it makes a game fun! Tips and tricks from industry veterans.

Booth 2537

And, of course, we hope you will visit us at our booth in the dealer hall. We’ll be hanging out at Booth 2537 with some sasquatches and dire weasels.

Wolfgang Baur, Steve Winter, Wade Rockett, Ben McFarland, and many more Kobolds will be at the convention. Watch this space for more information and updates!

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