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Death Among the Dunes: Desert Monsters

A snake. Maybe even one that you'd never want to meet.With their punishing climate and near-total lack of precious water, deserts are one of the most hostile environments in existence. Those who spend enough time among the desert sands know that some monsters can thrive even in these hellish wastes. Such creatures are feared and respected by wise adventurers, for they are invariably predatory and deadly—a consequence of evolving in a place where the most reliable source of life-giving water is a fresh corpse.

Blood Snake

Those who travel the desert sands sometimes witness the unsettling sight of small patches of dune moving of their own accord. The wise among these travelers give such patches a wide berth, for they know that these are no mere oddities of the desert landscape, but signs of a deadly predator known as the blood snake.

A red-scaled reptile 20 feet long and as thick around as a human’s arm, the blood snake is well-adapted to its desert home. Its hide is tough enough to repel attacks from smaller predators, and it’s very resistant to both the venom of other predators and the desert heat.

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The Paragon Glyph Mage

The Defenders of Midgard cover

Glyph mages, also known as scriveners, master the arcane power of the written word. They summon living ink and use it to rewrite reality to their own ends. In the paragon tier, the glyph mage learns to extend runes to cover areas and aid his or her allies.

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The Paragon Clockwork Mage

The Defenders of Midgard cover

Clockwork mages possess an eye for mechanisms, springs, gearing, and balanced forces, and their spells display a wide range of styles linked by these common themes. The spells and abilities listed below are taught by Guildmaster Clockwork Mage Orlando to advanced students of the Clockwork School at the Arcane Collegium in Zobeck.

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4 New Adventures from Kobold Press

MA6: The Buried PalaceSummer’s almost here! With convention season coming and school letting out, there are more opportunities to play. You could probably use some new adventures to run, yes?

The Kobolds have you covered with four new adventures for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Over at Paizo.com you’ll find two new adventures for Pathfinder RPG:

Beyond the Ghostlight Reef is a convention favorite by Christina Stiles, now available for the first time:  a group of 6th-level adventurers investigates the mysteries of a reef that hides vast treasures from ancient cities, and the odd women to delve its depths and return with arcane treasures.

The Buried Palace by Mike Franke is a dungeon adventure for 7th-level PCs level, who descend into a buried palace beneath a city-state in search of a powerful magic item and find themselves embroiled in a growing conflict between the city’s Lord Marshall and his enemies.

We also have two new adventures for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons at DriveThru RPG!

Fury of the Lords of the Sea by Teos Abadia sends a party of characters level 16-20 up against the Mharoti to prevent the summoning of the Isonade, the ancient and terrible lord of the deep.

The Iron Secret by Brian Liberge pits adventurers level 1-3 against a band of mad mercenaries who plan to flood the kobold warrens and ignite a war between dwarves and kobolds.

If you run any of these for your group and post an actual play report, let us know! We’d love to share your stories from the table.



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Announcing the Kobold Press Community Use Policy

Midgard Logo

The Midgard Campaign Setting fan community is growing faster than an ill-advised alchemy experiment in Maillon! It’s an active, vibrant community, full of people who want to take what we’ve created and run with it in exciting and fun directions. So we thought, why not make it easier for them?

To encourage fan sites and free fan-created projects using Midgard and other Kobold Press IP, we’ve just launched the Kobold Press Community Use Policy. This policy covers free, fan-created material only; if you want to do a commercial project, check out our Freelancer Guidelines.

Along with guidelines on what fans can use and how, we’re also offering the first Kobold Press Community Use Package of resources. This first package contains 10 of the Midgard setting’s most iconic characters — and we’ll be adding new packages over time.

Tell us what you think in the comments! And if you have a Midgard fan project underway, or if this inspires you to start one, please let us know. We’d love to see it.

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