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Ask the Kobold: Touch Attacks and the AC System

044What are the differences between touch, ranged touch, and incorporeal touch attacks? What ability modifier applies to each of these attacks?
All these attacks have one thing in common, the target’s armor, natural armor, and shield modifiers can’t defeat the attack (though incorporeal touch attacks provide some special cases). Enhancement bonuses that increase armor, natural armor, or shield bonuses also are not effective against touch attacks. An enhancement just makes its associated bonus a little bigger, but an ineffective bonus remains ineffective no matter how big it is.

So let’s look a little more closely at both touch attacks and the armor system itself.

A touch attack is a melee attack. You make a touch attack to deliver a spell with touch range, when grabbing a foe as part of a grapple or trip attack, or in almost any other melee situation in which the most important thing is just making contact with the foe’s body or equipment. Keep in mind that when resolving magical attacks, contacting a foe’s equipment is just as good as contacting the body.

Since a touch attack is a melee attack,

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Ask the Kobold: Unhallowed Silence
and Making Tough Calls

ShieldHow would do you adjudicate an unhallow spell when is has a silence spell added to it and the caster chooses to make evil creatures immune? My guess was that creatures save once when entering, and that the spell goes away when they leave, but they need to save again when they enter again.

I also guessed that it would be a modified silence in that it would not have a 20-foot radius. Any way you adjudicate it, it appears to call for some slight twist of the rules. Just how does the silence spell act? Do objects keyed creatures drop make sound? If a character fails the save and becomes silenced, can he or she stand next to a foe, or within 20 feet, and then silence them?

The spell description lays out the answers to most of these questions pretty well, and we can use that as a jumping off point to answer the rest.

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Ask the Kobold: Teleport and Shadow Walk

koboldspot3_ArcaneWhy in the world is the shadow walk spell 6th level when teleport is 5th level? Is seems to me that shadow walk’s travel limit of 50 miles/level is less useful that teleport’s 100 miles/level. Besides, teleport is instantaneous travel, whereas shadow walk can eat up hours of game time. Why shouldn’t shadow walk be 5th level and teleport be 6th level?

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