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The Paragon Glyph Mage

The Defenders of Midgard cover

Glyph mages, also known as scriveners, master the arcane power of the written word. They summon living ink and use it to rewrite reality to their own ends. In the paragon tier, the glyph mage learns to extend runes to cover areas and aid his or her allies.

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The Chemist

The Alchemist in Search of the Philosophers Stone (Artist: Joseph Wright)Not all healers are tied to a church; in some places there are surgeons, hospitalers, and village elders. The most refined healer not associated with a deity is the chemist. Combining superior alchemical knowledge with medical research, the chemist can create compounds, tinctures, salves, and extracts of vast power. The adventuring chemist adds arcane lore to healing skills and his or her potions can harm enemies as well as heal friends.

The chemist is compatible with either Swords & Wizardry or Labyrinth Lord core rules.

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Expanded Battle Scion Now Available

New Paths - Battle ScionFor years, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game fans have lamented the absence of an ‘arcane paladin’ type of class – one with full base attack bonus, limited spell access (to arcane spells instead of divine) and a small set of interesting, flavorful special abilities.

Lament no longer! The Expanded Battle Scion is just such a class!

Designer Marc Radle builds on his battle scion class to create the combat caster you’ve been craving. The Expanded Battle Scion includes:

  • Force Blaster and Bonded Scion archetypes
  • 5 new feats including Awakened Arcane Bond, which imbues your arcane
  • bond object with intelligence and will
  • A Prepared Spell Tracking Sheet, usable by any prepared spell caster
  • New rules for legendary magic items, and 3 new items: the legendary shield, sword and armor of the first battle scion

If you dream of scattering your enemies with a powerful force attack before finishing them off with lethal bladework, New Paths 4: The Expanded Battle Scion is for you! Get it at Paizo or DriveThruRPG today.

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The Hunter of the Cursed: Revised for Pathfinder


Gald moved through the underbrush silently. He had tracked the beast for days, and he knew he was nearing its lair. The beast had proven to be quite clever, and had eluded capture for months, and that’s why he was here. People only summoned him to handle the most difficult of beasts.

Gald edged forward and spotted a patch of fur clinging to a bramble bush. Yep, this was definitely the right path. He paused to ensure he was still up-wind; it would do no good to sneak up on the beast if it smelled him coming.

Ahead, Gald spotted a clearing. Quietly, he drew his longsword and dagger—both alchemically silvered. All the better for bringing the beast down quickly. He crept up, careful not to make any noise, and peered through the underbrush.

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