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Transmutation: New Spells and More (Part 4)

Circe Invidiosa by John William Waterhouse
The design of many D&D Essentials classes attempts to capture some of the rich history of past editions. With its emphasis on schools of magic, the mage makes a great chasis upon which to add transmutation effects. All the spells presented as part of this series are available as options for the mage. You can use the following new spells and abilities to add a transmutation specialization to the D&D Essentials mage class.

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Transmutation: New Spells (Part 3)

Circe Invidiosa by John William Waterhouse
With so many transmutation powers focusing on using a wizard’s transformed anatomy to make melee attacks, defense is a key concern for transmuters. The Staff of Defense class feature is the best place to start and armor proficiency feats help as well. The melee focus of these spells also makes them great options for those interested in picking up multiclass wizard feats.

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The Faces of Rage: Adding Character to Barbarians

Attila the Hun by Eugene Ferdinand Victor Delacroix
I don’t always play barbarians, but when I do, I prefer huge, hulking characters with terrifying battle cries and a frenzied look in their eyes. Anyone who has ever sat at a table with a barbarian has likely noticed, though, that they’re sort of a one-trick pony: it’s all about the Rage, capital “R.” And why not? It boosts your Strength and Constitution scores, gives you bonus hit points and increases your resistance to mental control, all for a paltry Armor Class penalty. That’s not the problem . . . the problem is that just by calling the ability Rage, it gives players a prejudiced view of what happens when the ability is activated, and that can lead to stagnant character concepts. But if you change up the flavor, then your barbarians can each become unique.

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Aim for the Heart: Expanded Elven Archer Now Available

Elven Archer

Combine brutal archery skills with a classic elven heritage using the expanded elven archer class! This in-depth book provides all the class skills, archetypes, spells, and equipment necessary to turn your elven archer into an enemy-hunting, bull’s eye-striking legend. Want a twist on the concept? Roll up a halfling slingmaster, a dwarven crossbowyer, or a mystic archer. Details for each are found within these pages, as well as: 

  • Six new feats—use them to drain enemies’ lifeblood, hamstring a target, or even shoot a foe’s weapon right from its hand.
  • A convenient tracking sheet to record all your special arrows and bolts.
  • New wondrous items, including a quiver that provides an endless supply of ammunition.
  • 20 new spells that can create energy arrows, imbue ammunition with animal spirits, slay a foe with one shot, and much more!
  • New options for rangers and druids, including many new spells!

Your aim is true! Get the Expanded Archer today at the Paizo Store!

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Full Sleeve Midgard: Goblin Gauntlet Witch Variant (Part 7)

Goblin Gauntlet Witch

Goblin Gauntlet Witch Variant: Wasteland Gauntlet Witch Racial Archetype

Given the propensity for goblins in the Western Wastes to come by lost Ankeshel vril technology and the lore of gauntlet witches from Caelmarathi remnants, it was only a matter of time before the Wasteland gauntlet witch appeared. Combining fragments of Ankeshelian submission tridents, charged armor, and ferromagnetic gauntlets, then connecting the resultant heap to an extremely rare lesser vril battery resulted in something resembling a mutated cross between a clockwork arm, a harpoon gun, and inexpertly finished slag. Infusing the creation with goblin witchcraft and perhaps a dash of kobold-inspired tinkering produced the vril harness gauntlet—a highly dangerous and unstable artifact.

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