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Full Sleeve Midgard: Variant Gauntlet Witches for Kobolds and Minotaurs (Part 3)

Kobold Gauntlet Witch

Kobold Gauntlet Witch Variant: Trapgrip Witch Racial Archetype

Born from necessity and invention, the trapgrip witches arose after kobolds first discovered an eldritch gauntlet. In time, with tinkering and experimentation, the crafty kobolds of Zobeck created their own distinctive gauntlets. Trapgrip witches aid trapmasters in their pursuits, and they are often found near unsprung traps, ready to pounce on those unfortunates caught. Occasionally a trapgrip witch will join a party unable to locate a rogue or in need of a trapfinder.

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Full Sleeve Midgard: Variant Gauntlet Witches for Gearforged and Huginn (Part 2)

Huginn/Heru Gauntlet Witch Variant: Talonbearer Witch Racial Archetype

Gearforged Gauntlet Witch Variant: Heavy Gauntlet Witch Racial Archetype

Though admittedly extremely rare, heavy gauntlet witches are formidable beings. Combining the bulk and power of their gearforged frame with the eldritch might of battle-witchcraft, heavy gauntlet witches prove their mettle in the chaos of war or as dedicated bodyguards to those that can afford their services. A few are wanderers, finding solace in the lure of adventure and the discovery of new experiences and knowledge, feeling assured that the power of their adamantine gauntlet will sustain them.

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The Laying on of Fists: Feats and Features for Battle Clerics and Paladins

The Knight of the Sun by Arthur Hughes
When the party is nose to smoking nose with an evil dragon or a fiend from the pit, they always turn to the clerics and paladins. These divine casters and combatants are, after all, geared toward fighting the forces of Evil (or Good, depending on alignment, and both with capital letters). But if you want to really explode with potential, it helps to choose the right feats and spells to deal maximum damage.

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The Many Spirits of the Shaman: Optional Rules (Part 5)

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: The Day Dream

Alternative Alignment Rule

Many shamans can come from barbarian tribes, rather than savage tribes. A multiclass barbarian/shaman would be the ultimate berzerkir (real-world legendary figures who raged in animal form). As such, the GM might want to rule that barbarian shamans can have any nonlawful alignment, rather than any neutral alignment.

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