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Monarch of the Monsters 5: Let the Public Voting Begin!

Monarch of the MonstersIn the course of the Monarch of the Monsters 5 contest, we had a huge number of entries from many monster designers out there. Now you, the voting public, can pick which one you want to see win the Monarch of the Monsters 5 contest!

Please familiarize yourself (possibly again) with the sixfinalists, then proceed to the poll.

Living Wicks by Ben Wertz
Fext by Dave Olson
Chronalmental by David Gibson
Xanka by Jeremy Hochhalter
Skein Witch by Sersa Victory
Spire Walker by James L. Crawford

Which monster would you like to see win the Monarch of the Monsters 5 contest?

  • Xanka by Jeremy Hochhalter (33%, 218 Votes)
  • Skein Witch by Sersa Victory (22%, 145 Votes)
  • Living Wicks by Ben Wertz (17%, 112 Votes)
  • Chronalmental by David Gibson (13%, 89 Votes)
  • Fext by Dave Olson (7%, 48 Votes)
  • Spire Walker by James L. Crawford (7%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 660

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So many thanks go to those who submitted such interesting and creative monsters, plus our intrepid judges — Wolfgang Baur, Rich Howard, and Steve Winter — were amazingly awesome for spending time with each of these creatures and evaluating them. So, please take a moment to thank them, too. Now, it’s your turn to make this contest a fun and wonderful thing: Vote! And thanks in advance for doing so!

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Monarch of the Monsters 5 Finalist: Spire Walker by James L. Crawford

Monarch of the Monsters

Spire Walker

When storm clouds gather over cities, harbors, and twisted badlands, electrical energies fill the air. During these times, miniscule fey dance upon church steeples, desolate peaks, and ships’ masts, kicking up a ghostly, sparkling fire as they jostle and jig. These are the spire walkers.

Also known as “corposanti” among scholars, spire walkers stand about 12 inches at the tallest, and have dusky blue-gray skin and shocks of silvery, slate, or pale blue hair. Spire walkers prefer clothing in metallic hues with too many buttons, and often carry a handful of tiny copper darts which they hurl at each other in the incomprehensible games they play among the pinnacles and points that captivate them.

Coronal Discharge. Spire walkers are suffused with crackling energies which define their everyday activities, from frolicking to fighting. When excited (which is most of the time), spire walkers emit a soft, sparking glow from the tips of their noses, eyebrows, ears, and pointy shoes.

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Monarch of the Monsters 5 Finalist: Skein Witch by Sersa Victory

Monarch of the Monsters

Skein Witch

Medium celestial, neutral


Curators of destiny and enforcers of what must be, skein witches voyage across the planes, weaving the strands of fate at the behest of their goddess-creator. Though they carry out their charge without regard to petty mortal concerns, they can be persuaded to bend fate in the favor of powerful petitioners whose interests align with their goddess’s.

A skein witch appears as an androgynous humanoid mummified in writhing diamond thread. Their skin is translucent, and one sees suspended inside their bodies not organs, but rather dozens of quivering hourglasses.

Despite their profound supernatural abilities, a skein witch’s physical body is relatively frail – as such, they tend to surround themselves with undead, constructs, or other brutish, soulless guardians cut free from the thread of fate.

If the Deck of Many Things is brought within 30 feet of a skein witch, the skein witch emits a psychic wail before discorporating.

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Monarch of the Monsters 5 Finalist: Xanka by Jeremy Hochhalter

Monarch of the Monsters


These small globes of metal have three to six jointed legs which are attached near the base of the sphere of their bodies. Most often, these creatures are formed from copper, brass, or bronze, though gold, silver, and platinum varieties have been seen in the houses of nobles and rich merchants. Designed and given a semblance of life by a gnomish tinkerer, their purpose was to act as clean up for the somewhat messy gnomish enchanters that tended to leave their workshops in a state of littered disarray.

While xanka do not actively seek combat, they are capable of determining if they are threatened by another creature, and will defend themselves.

Xanka do not have language of their own, though they understand commands from intelligent beings speaking the language of the xanka’s creator, most commonly gnomish. However, xanka only obey commands that relate to the removal of garbage. Xanka seem to be able to communicate with one another, though it is not truly understood how this occurs.

When a xanka touches matter with its globe shaped body, it can absorb that matter into itself, and break it down into energy. This way, the gnomes used them to clean up litter and refuse throughout the halls and streets of the city. Xanka are capable of absorbing half their body size in matter per round.

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