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Coolest Virtual Gen Con Project Ever

Baba Yaga's HutAs part of the “Coolest Virtual Gen Con Project Ever,” Kobold freelancer Ben McFarland recorded the opening encounter of Grandmother’s Fire, an adventure out of the anthology, Tales of the Old Margreve.

While his voice is a little rough—who are we kidding, he could do stand-in work for the Cryptkeeper—it seems that the table had a great time, facing down ghoulish knights, ghostly coursers, and terrible lich hounds. And it’s a great example of the kinds of wonderful games you can find at Gen Con. So sit back, enjoy the raspy drawl of our GM, and watch as these brave adventurers delve into the shadows of the deep, dark forest.

And if you’re looking for more adventure, either from Ben or in the lands of Midgard, go check out Midgard Tales for another thirteen adventures from across the campaign setting!

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Worldbuilding Guide Takes ENnies Gold

Gen Con 2013 - Kobold ENniesWhen the Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design took ENnies gold last year, we were delighted—because it’s a game product that helps create new game designers.

Well, it happened again in 2013. The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding won TWO gold ENnie awards for Best Writing, and Best RPG Related Product.

Congratulations to Wolfgang Baur, Keith Baker, David “Zeb” Cook, Monte Cook, Jeff Grubb, Scott Hungerford, Chris Pramas, Jonathan Roberts, Ken Scholes, Janna Silverstein, Michael A. Stackpole, and Steve Winter!

We’re gratified and humbled at this recognition from our fellow industry professionals, and the fans. Our whole series of game design books embodies the principles that Kobold Press was founded on, and it’s great to see that others find value in them.

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Gen Con 2013: Friday

Gen Con 2013 - Kobold ENniesFriday at Gen Con brings with it more seminars, signings, and even a couple of awards. As you might have heard by now, The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding won two ENnies during the ceremony. Congratulations go to those who worked on this project, and thanks go to those who voted on it.

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Gen Con 2013: Thursday

The convention has started, and we have some pictures to share of the Exhibit Hall, plus other interesting bits of Gen Con.

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Gen Con 2013: Wednesday

Kobold Guide To Worldbuilding CoverMore Kobolds were busy arriving in Indy on Wednesday for Gen Con 2013. Now that they’re all prepared for the fun times ahead, expect to start seeing more photos and updates from the convention.

In the meantime, Liz Courts at Paizo took some marvelous shots of the Paizo booth, and you can see some of what the Kobolds offer in the way of products at the show. (Thanks, Marc Radle, for pointing this out! And thanks, Liz, for posting some pics!)

Stop by the Paizo booth when the exhibit hall opens to see these fun products yourself, and wave merrily to Liz if you see her around.

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