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Christina’s First Gen Con Ever!

Gen Con: Industry InsidersFor the past several days, I’ve been searching for words to describe my first Gen Con experience. I’ve been a writer for well over a decade now, and words have utterly failed me. One now does come to mind, however: WOW!!!! That’s succinct, I know. Yet it accurately encompasses the extent of this massive event for me.

But, I’ll expand on that.

First, I have to say how overwhelmed I was by the kindness many of you showed me in answering my pleas for assistance in attending Gen Con. Without your aid, I would not have made it to the Big Show. I responded with personal thank-you notes as donations came in, and I did get to say thank-you in person to some of you, but I can never truly express how much getting to Gen Con meant to me.  This has been a geek girl’s lifetime dream, and you made it happen! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I honestly can’t say it enough.

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Gen Con Game: Midgard Hack

Wade with Midgard GM screenAt this year’s Gen Con I ran an Old School Hack game set in the Wasted West of Midgard. OSH is one of my favorite systems for a quick, fun, exciting one-shot with people who have varying levels of experience with games — I’ve even run it during lunch breaks at work.

My adventure was titled “Danger at Deathless Gulch,” and for the pre-gen characters I either ported Midgard Campaign Setting classes to Old School Hack and turned their powers and abilities into talents, or I reskinned existing OSH classes and talents to give them a Midgard flavor.

Here’s an example of a new class I created, and its talent:

Black Spire Sorcerer

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Play It Like You Stole It!

Grabbing the GoldThank you.

Five years ago, I was writing Living Greyhawk adventures as a volunteer for the RPGA. We were trying new ideas and having fun, but I wanted to do more. I joined Empire of the Ghouls as a senior patron and started learning with the community at Open Design. I playtested, I punched up stat blocks, and when I saw a chance to write an adventure, I asked Wolfgang, “Put me in, coach, I won’t disappoint you.”

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Gen Con Panel: Better Adventures

Wolfgang talks about designing better adventures.
On Thursday, August 16, 2012, Gen Con attendees who sought to learn how to create better adventures had a chance to listen and interact with panelist and Kobold-in-Chief Wolfgang Baur. Because we know not everyone could make this seminar, we’re providing a few of the highlights of the advice here.

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