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The Red Eye of Azathoth: a Public Report

InquisitionOpen Design’s very first Call of Cthulhu patronage project, The Red Eye of Azathoth, is shredding minds like you wouldn’t believe.

Mighty Azathoth Stirs

Azathoth, the blind idiot god, slumbering as he has for eons untold in the darkness between the stars, has been disturbed. Should he awaken and open just one of his uncaring red eyes, all of creation will be unmade. But such terrible beings are not awoken easily . . .

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The Red Eye of Azathoth: a Public Report

800px-CometDonatiAs the second project in a series of public updates on Open Design’s current batch of patronage projects, KQ.com presents The Red Eye of Azathoth, Open Design’s first Call of Cthulhu project.

The Harbinger Star Nears

The Red Eye of Azathoth project is now in full swing. The first adventure (of five) in this anthology has been selected by the patrons, and I’m pleased to announce that it will be written by none other than fan favorites Tim and Eileen Connors…

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A Broken Mind: Sanity and Mental Disorders… for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (Part 2)

s_Progress_8Kobold Quarterly Bonus Material!

Here it is! The second and final installment of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game version of the article “A Broken Mind” from Kobold Quarterly #11.

The original article details new rules for introducing sanity and mental disorders to your 4th Edition game. So now, you can break minds no matter the edition because edition should simply never be a reason to forgo causing serious harm to your characters in fun, new ways. (And don’t think you won’t be making a sanity check yourself once you’ve read this article!)…

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A Broken Mind: Sanity and Mental Disorders… for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (Part 1)

Art by Cory Trego-ErdnerArt by Cory Trego-Erdner

Kobold Quarterly Bonus Material!

Kobold Quarterly #11 (on sale now) offers rules for using madness and sanity, in the article “A Broken Mind,” for 4th Edition. However, fear not 3rd Edition fans, for right here and absolutely free are the the same rules built for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Why break bones, when minds are so much more fragile?

Using sanity in a fantasy game can be tricky. It’s not the real world, so where do you draw the line between the mundane and the hysterical? Adventurers in D&D are supposed to bravely go forth and kill monsters. That’s a bit more difficult if every creature you see makes you turn tail and run, so a line has to be drawn. Certain creatures need to be assumed common enough that sanity doesn’t come into the question at a mere glance.

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Monster Mayhem: Things of Madness and Desolation, the Feats (Part 4)

353px-BoschDeathOfTheReprobateIf there is one thing you can say for certain about aberrations, they are all different. They are defined by their strange, twisting natures. Nowhere else can you find such diversity—even between related individuals. The perversity of their form and function knows no bounds.

Aberrant, Perverted [General]

This sickening monstrosity is an affront to the world around it, its form broken and mutilated by laws beyond mortal comprehension.

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