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Preview of Red Eye of Azathoth, Part 2:
Secrets of the Servants

_CathedralFrom the very beginning of the order, the Servants have been preparing for the end of the world, putting contingencies into place in the event that the 5 blackest rites mentioned in the Codex of the Harbinger Star ever come to pass. Several nearly complete reproductions of the Codex exist in the Servants’ vaults for study (written in various dead languages), however, none of them are complete in that they do not include the Codex’s final passage — the Psalms of Azathoth. (The original Servants were never able to decipher the Psalms, and were unable to reproduce them before the Codex was stolen by Lei Peng, the Codex’s original author.)

Accordingly, the Servants always move quickly to secure the Codex whenever rumors of its reappearance surface, to prevent anyone from unlocking the Psalms, which some Servant scholars theorize hold the keys to understanding the mechanics of reincarnation.

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Red Eye of Azathoth Preview
The Servants of Man

Red Eye of AzatothPart One : A History of Service
For over 3,000 years, they have waited patiently in the shadows, acting swiftly and silently when needed to thwart man’s destruction at the hands of unknowable horrors. They are the Servants of Man, a clandestine order zealously obsessed with preventing occult forces from bringing about the enslavement or extinction of mankind, regardless of the costs or collateral damage caused. Of greatest concern to the Servants, in fact the very reason for their existence, is stopping the five darkest rites mentioned in the final stanza of the Codex of the Harbinger Star from being performed.

If they fail, the world ends.

The truth of the order begins in Ancient Egypt…

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