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Kobold Quarterly #22 Now Available

Kobold Quarterly 22Summer’s here, and you know what that means! Flee indoors and play games until the fiery sky-ball no longer burns our skin with its cruel flames.

Seriously though, there’s enough great stuff in Kobold Quarterly #22 to keep you occupied all summer. Get it in print + PDF or PDF only and you’ll enjoy articles for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 4th Edition D&D and AGE System. But wait, there’s more: we also have articles for Castles & Crusades and 13th Age! Old school, new school, and everything in between — this issue’s got it.

  • The archdevil Barbatos, gatekeeper of Golarion’s Hells by Paizo’s Wes Schneider
  • Dragonkin servitors of Midgard’s Mharoti Empire for D&D
  • Four monsters from Journeys to the West for C&C
  • 13th Age’s Escalation Die mechanic with conversion rules for other RPGs by Rob Heinsoo
  • AGE System rules for black powder weapons
  • An interview with Pathfinder RPG lead designer Jason Bulmahn

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From Diablo 3 to D&D: Traps with a Twist (Part 2)

Traps as Events

Does a trap have to be a single-fire, whizz-bang affair? Certainly not. Diablo 3 does a pretty good job of emphasizing constant peril and the ever-present sense of danger. Another great example of a play on classic traps is the random dungeon event. The premise is simple: complete the event or pay the high price of certain death (or perhaps even worse for some characters). These events are basically a small series of rooms, or a single room that can show up in various places throughout the acts of the game. They are never guaranteed to show up, but when they do, they add a bit of excitement and also help add to randomness, unpredictability, and the ever-lingering sense of doom your game could carry.

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Howling Tower: Old-School Renaissance

Old-School Renaissance

A movement is happening in the shadows of the big fantasy RPGs. It calls itself the old-school renaissance, or OSR for short. You might have seen its logo popping up around the web.

Like most grassroots movements, there’s no specific date when this got started. It’s tough even to say whether what we’re seeing is a true renaissance or just greater visibility thanks to the web. Old-school blogs are easy to find. I run across a “new” one every couple of days. The best of them are outstanding. They offer some of the best RPG blogging out there.

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From Diablo 3 to D&D: Traps with a Twist (Part 1)

The Butcher: You know you want to put this guy in your dungeon. With lots and lots of traps.

Old Traps, New Ideas

Traps are pretty common in a lot of D&D campaigns, especially those that are dungeon-centric. With a game such as Diablo, the entirety of the game could almost be considered a dungeon—they don’t call these games “dungeon crawlers” for nothing. Granted we could strike up a debate about what constitutes a dungeon, but we won’t go there today, or ever, so let’s just discuss their traps!

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From Diablo 3 to D&D: Socketed Items

Diablo 3 by Blizzard

How It Works

Aside from whatever magical properties armor and weapons has, most items function in only a few different ways. That’s not the case with slotted items in Diablo 3. Creating slotted items and armor in your tabletop games is a great way to add customization, and doing so can be as simple as adding the slotted descriptor to items.

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