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12 Killer Hooks for AGE System Players

Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution: Mattes, Monster in BraunauWhen we set out to design the Midgard Bestiary for the Adventure Game Engine (or AGE) system, we knew it was going to be a unique project from the start. The book represents not only the first stand-alone, third-party game supplement for the AGE System, it’s also the first time more than five years of Open Design monsters have been presented in a single volume, and the first time those creatures have been made available for the system that powers the Dragon Age Dark Fantasy Roleplaying game from Green Ronin.

Because of this, it was important to me as lead designer that the book pull double duty as both a great addition to the AGE system and as a great introduction to the world of Midgard for AGE game masters and players. So how did we do it?

With monsters, lots and lots of monsters.

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Midgard Bestiary for AGE System Now Available

Midgard Bestiary Vol. 1 CoverThe basic formula for fantasy roleplaying is simple: kick down doors, kill monsters and take their stuff.

That’s how Jeff Tidball, AGE System Lead Developer at Green Ronin, calls it in the introduction to the new Midgard Bestiary: Volume 1 by Josh Jarman. Between its covers lurk some of the greatest monsters that Open Design has unleashed on players over the last five years — ready to deploy in your AGE System adventures. Originally created for the Midgard campaign setting, all of them are easily adapted to your homebrew campaign or another published setting.

You’ll find lots of old favorites here: foes and allies from the Free City of Zobeck, the empire of the ghouls, the courts of the shadow and river fey, the Old Margreve forest, and the Ironcrags. AGE system GMs now have a toychest that includes the steam golem, kobold slyblade, ghost knight, imperial ghast, bonepowder ghoul, roachling, free canton siegebreaker and the spark.

There are also brand new foes from the Midgard campaign setting, including the dust goblin scavenger, harem assassin, and Bemmean wizard.

Grab the Midgard Bestiary at the Kobold Store today! As a sneak preview, here’s an elf you don’t want to meet along the forest path – or anywhere else…

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Midgard and Dragon Age

Dragon AgeDesigner and Midgard project patron Joshua Jarman blogs about the intersection of the AGE System ruleset and the support that the second rules set is getting during design. :

[Designing as a patron] is a fun, creative process, and the collaborative nature leads to the development of the best ideas presented.

As far as Dragon Age, Wolfgang … has made a definite commitment to be the leader in third party Dragon Age support. Kobold Quarterly #13 was the first place to carry an article by Chris Pramas on alternative Dragon Age backgrounds that could be used to play the Dragon Age system with Green Ronin’s Freeport setting. And there have been Dragon Age support articles in almost every Kobold Quarterly since, including an excellent recent article by Jeff Tidball about using the ridiculously fun Stunt system from Dragon Age in other game systems.

Check out the full post, A Match Made in Adventure.

Of course, the fact that Midgard has multi-system support (primarily Pathfinder RPG, though 4E D&D is getting some love from a patron side project as well) is sort of the point. With fans taking Midgard campaign setting into their favorite rules sets, it’s easy to find the resources to run the setting with the rules you favor.

What do you think of multi-system settings? The Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Star Wars have all been released under many sets of rules….

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Northlands and KQ #17 Review Roundup

Beau B Creative Commons Some Rights ReservedWe’ve had a couple of big releases here recently! There’s Northlands: Roleplaying in Winter’s Chill, a Pathfinder-compatible sourcebook for adventures in Midgard’s temperate and subarctic north; and Kobold Quarterly #17, an issue dedicated to villainy with articles for Pathfinder RPG, 4th Edition D&D, and Dragon Age RPG.

What are reviewers saying about them? Let’s start with Northlands:

Here is a book that presents the creatures, culture and legends of the mythical north in a way that feels authentic and filled with gaming opportunities. I heartily recommend it!

Read the full review at Stargazer’s World.

An innovative treatment of the Northlands for Midgard inspired by Norse and Viking myth flavoured with steppe Russian, Finnish and Inuit culture. Being a bit of a Norse snob, this was a joy to read and as usual if you can’t use it all, then you can certainly plunder the choice bits of this hoard.”

Read the full review at Fame and Fortune.

Northlands does for the North what Oriental Adventures did for the East.

Read the full review at Mordicai Caeli’s blog.

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It’s Alive!

Frankenstein's monster (Boris Karloff)Get ready to channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein as we launch March Monster Madness!

During the month of March, we at the Dragon Age Oracle are running an AGE System Monster Design Challenge in partnership with Open Design/Kobold Quarterly.

Check out the following threads on the Kobold forums:

Please visit the Dragon Age Oracle to read the official rules of the challenge.

May the best demiurge win!

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