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Encounter Codex: The Eye of Ihmrahotep

from The Nile Boat or Glimpses of the Land of Egypt by W H Bartlett 1862Encounter Codex presents encounters that can be quickly slotted into any adventure. They are system neutral and easily adapted to any edition (and other games for that matter) with little effort—just add stats from your favorite monster manual.

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A radiant yellow orb—like a miniature sun—gleams from beneath a veil of crushed rubies. Hieroglyphs inked onto the wrappings of nearby mummies shimmer in kind…

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Secret Lairs: The Haunted Hovel

murderSigard the Woodsman was a doting father. Ever since his wife was taken by the Black Death, his children have been his whole world. But, of course, this was before the brain mold…

He could hear them laughing inside their modest home, preparing for the evening meal. They took his wife. Faster and faster, he kicked the rotating grindstone.

He could hear them mocking him over the bustle of the dinner dishes. His axe, the tool of his trade, was now razor sharp.

Sigard rose from the whetstone. It was time to silence the laughter.

Placed amid the trees of an old forest, this rest stop is not what it seems. Time has muted the screams, and scavenging animals have removed the bones of the once-happy family. The culprit, though, still remains…

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Secret Lairs: The Snow Star Cavern

ice caveAmid the wild snows, a tempting light shines, luring the lost or frightened to safety. Stumbling and numb with cold, these poor wanderers find a warm, inviting cave mouth at the source of the light.

The brightness is obscured and then disappears entirely as the wanderer seeks shelter. Standing at the cave’s mouth, one feels an eager pulling, often confused with the allure of simple warmth. Once entered, the cave mouth sinks into the ground and appears elsewhere, never in the same spot twice.

Inside is a tunnel of solid ice, pulsing with veiny fingers of light. Within, the pulling sensation grows stronger, pulling intruders down the tunnel to the cavern’s heart…

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