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Divine Favor: the Cleric

Cleric Cover by Christophe SwalThe lich chuckled dryly as the scrying glass showed yet another party of would-be heroes die in one of his fiendish traps. For centuries he had existed in perfect safety within this maze of stone catacombs, a lair crawling with unnatural guardians he had raised from the dead or summoned from the Abyss. Nothing could touch him.

“The gods will honor their sacrifice,” said a voice at his shoulder. He whirled in astonishment, then drew back in pain at the aura of divine radiance shining from the grim warrior-priest before him. “Nergis, deathless sorcerer of the Wastes: for five hundred years you have spread misery and terror unchecked. I come in the name of the gods who rule the heavens: Your last hour has come, foul one. Tonight you die the final death.”

With a cry the warrior raised his warhammer and charged the lich, his eyes blazing with holy fervor…

The cleric has a vital yet complex role within a party: healer, backup wizard, backup fighter, and a specialist in dealing with the undead. Divine Favor: the Cleric is an invaluable resource to anyone wanting to play one of the oldest character classes in fantasy roleplaying, with many new options for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Divine Favor: the Oracle

Clouds of fragrant smoke wreath the robed figure that stands silhouetted before the ceremonial fire. A carved mask hides her features behind the visage of a god. Her voice echoes in the vast cave, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere, telling the doom of heroes and the fates of empires…

Divine Favor: the Oracle provides players with new options for getting the most out of the oracle, whose combination of curse and mystery makes it one of the most unique and versatile classes in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Familiar Roles: Practical Ideas for Animal Familiars (Part 1 of 2)

Then Rikki-Tikki was battered to and fro as a rat is shaken by a dog...The empathic connection between a master and familiar has a way of shaping the behavior of both…

Lennox rose lazily in his small apartment: his first real sleep in days. He slept better here than he did in his company’s last dungeon delve. He yawned and stretched and splashed his face with cold water from a basin to revive himself. Squinting through the shuttered windows, he saw it was late afternoon.

He proceeded to wash himself and comb his hair. His owl familiar, perched in her usual place, was preening her feathers. Lennox and Shila often found themselves engaged in the same activities. She had picked up his mannerisms, and he had found himself sleeping more in the daytime and staying up all night. After feeding her some rabbit, he pulled on clean clothes, held out his gloved hand for Shila, and locked the door behind them…

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Drake Options: Variant Class Rules, Part 2

Katherine Pyle (1932), Dragon rearing up to reach medieval knight on ledgeIt’s raining drakes! Find a whole slew of these fierce mini-dragons in the Book of Drakes. Masters Daigle and Welham can show you the way…

Style Feat

Drake Style: Mimicking the unpredictability of drakes, practitioners of this style attack their foes with a series of confounding, random movements, which eventually provide a clear opening for more deadly attacks. Masters of this style learn to jump so well they appear to actually fly.

Feats Path: Drake Style, Drake Trickery, Drake Wing…

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Kobold Quarterly #18 Now Available

Kobold Quarterly #18 Cover (c) Open Design LLCKobold Quarterly issue #18, our big pre-Gen Con Summer issue, is out! It’s like a kobold beach party ice chest, but instead of being packed with gnome jerky, KQ #18 has savants, cavaliers, beast masters, and dragon hunters for Pathfinder RPG; Divine Gifts for the AGE System by Green Ronin designer Steve Kenson; a minotaur ecology for 4th Edition D&D; and three new adventures!

Characters powered with divine magic are common in fantasy RPGs. Rather than treat them as a divine magic-using class, Steve Kenson introduces the Divine Gift talent for the AGE System. Characters with a Divine Gift can belong to any class, and their gifts are defined by areas of divine influence such as Law, Chaos, Protection, Nature and Fate. Yes, you can finally play an official cleric in the AGE gamers!

Tim and Eileen Connors bring us “The Exorcist” for Pathfinder RPG, where a desperate plan to raise legendary heroes from the dead doesn’t go quite right. “Silus and the Red Dogs” is a modern update of the choose-your-own adventure books, with a fun solo adventure for a halfling thief suitable and simple rules. Finally, the excellent “Who Watches the Watch Fires?” is a 4th Edition D&D race against time to alert a sleeping city that reavers are on the way!

Kobold Quarterly #18 is available now in print and PDF. More features, columns, and articles after the jump:

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