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Advanced Feats: Feat of the Week #3

“And why should we ally with the likes of you?” the baron asked.

The tall bearded warrior glared silently letting the tension in the room build before speaking. “Because you want your enemies to suffer before they die.”

The baron laughed nervously for a moment, “Yes, I think I like you already. Let’s be friends.”

Fearsome Demeanor
You negotiate through menace and intimidation rather than honeyed words.
Prerequisite: Cha 13
Benefit: You may substitute your Intimidate skill bonus for your Diplomacy skill bonus when performing Diplomacy skill checks.

Feat Workshop
This feat started out as an idea for the Witch class as Fearsome Reputation. I wanted to capture the idea that witches were feared and that this fear could garner them respect and willing capitulation without the need to issue actual threats. Mechanically, the way to do that seemed to be to let them use Intimidation in place of Diplomacy.

When I got to actually writing the feat, I found myself having second thoughts about using reputation as part of the title. It suggested the mechanic should depend on the character being infamous, even at 1st level, and it gave the feat a social context that wouldn’t make sense in many situations. I decided I needed a quality that was more self-contained and self-evident in the character, so I went with Demeanor.

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Book of Drakes: Put the Dragon Back In Your Dungeon

Crimson Drake Rampage by Hugo Solis
“Welcome, human, to my humble kobold bookshop! How may I serve you, O lord?”

“You wish to know about drakes? Woe is me! I have nothing about drakes. My wares are worthless! I shall set fire to my wretched excuse for a shop and hurl myself off the…what’s that? My cousin Jiro sent you?”

“Right. Follow me, then – make sure you duck when we go through the second doorway, and jump two feet straight up when we pass the barrel with the broken slat. I have just what you need: a book that contains all the secrets of our cousins in the dragon’s family tree…the legendary Book of Drakes itself!”

“Whoops. Did I say to jump two feet? I meant three. Ah well, I’m sure that’ll heal in no time.”

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Advanced Feats: Feat of the Week #2

Battle ElephantTo celebrate the release of the Complete Advanced Feats, here is a brand-new feat inspired by one of the classes in the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Players Guide.

Beast Rider

You can treat any nearly animal, magical beat, or vermin as trained combat mount.

Prerequisite: Cha 11, Mounted Combat, Ride 1 rank

Benefit: You may treat any animal, magical beast, or vermin you are riding as if they had Combat Training.
Any animal, magical beast, or vermin with an attitude towards you of indifferent or better and which is capable of bearing a rider of your size, will allow you to ride, though if they are wild they will not tolerate a saddle or bridle.

Feat Workshop

This feat was supposed to be inspired by the Cavalier class which has a strong mounted combat theme. The core of the idea was

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Advanced Feats: Might of the Magus is now available!

Might of the Magus CoverWho doesn’t want to be a master swordsman and a powerful mage at the same time? With the magus you can do exactly that – and players have been thrilled with the newest Pathfinder RPG class from Paizo’s Ultimate Magic.

Advanced Feats: Might of the Magus by featmaster Sigfried Trent brings you 30 new feats to enhance and expand the magus, along with 3 full character builds showing them in action.

Advanced Feats: Might of the Magus breaks down the class to examine its strengths and weaknesses, and then details 30 new feats of sword and sorcery. Throw a shocking hammer with Ranged Spellstrike, steal magical energies with Arcana Thief, and catch your opponents off guard with Unbalancing Parry.

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All Those 5-Star Reviews Can’t Be Wrong

Thumbs UpYep, we’re as stunned as you are, but the quality is there and the reviewers are calling it as they see it: we’ve gotten five 5-star reviews in a row!

How did we do it? Sigfried Trent took all the feedback to the original Advanced Feats series, added some tweaks and compilation elements (like a single, unified, 7-page feats table!), and made the Complete Advanced Feats the best feats book ever.

But don’t believe us—click and see what the reviewers say:

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