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Advanced Feats: Feat of the Week

To celebrate the release of the Complete Advanced Feats, here is a brand-new feat inspired by one of the classes in the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Players Guide.

Sling Flask
You can use a sling to fire splash weapons at your enemies.

Benefit: You may launch thrown splash weapons using a sling instead of tossing them by hand. The attack remains a touch attack but range and attack bonuses are as if using the sling rather than the thrown item. In all other respects; such as damage and affects, treat the splash weapon as if it had been thrown normally.

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The Complete Advanced Feats is Now Available!

Taking feats to the next level, the Complete Advanced Feats brings you all 180 feats from the popular and critically acclaimed Advanced Feats series. It’s time to take you character in brave new directions!

More than just a list of feats, Advanced Feats gives you the designer’s commentary on each entry, class breakdowns for all the advanced classes, and 18 detailed character builds from level 1 to 20 using many of the new feats. It reveals the mechanics behind feat design, and makes it clear how each feat fits into the game.

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Review Roundup for Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge

Cover for The Inquisitor's EdgeSigfried Trent recently wrapped up his hugely popular Advanced Feats series with Advanced Feats: The Inquisitor’s Edge. Perhaps a little too caught up in the general excitement, several kobolds put on black cloaks and wide-brimmed hats and confronted game bloggers with the book, demanding that they confess their true thoughts about it.

Here’s what the reviewers had to say about The Inquisitor’s Edge:

Each feat adds something extra to the class, the walk through lends its self to solid ideas and aids on understanding the class, and then the builds exemplifies them.

Read the full review at Emerson’s Bookshelf.

One of the reasons that made me a fan of Advanced Feats, is the author’s design philosophy: constantly pushing the feat mechanic into new and refreshing directions.

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Paths to Power (Part 1 of 2)

Kirchner, Nacktes Madchen mit ZweigschattenThe pursuit of power. The quest for immortality. There are many paths to power, and some are well trodden while some are not. The fellhazen and the runecarved are two lesser-travelled roads for the heroic tier. Each offers a distinct path to the paragon tier and beyond.

The Fellhazan

“Allow me to share the dark echoes of creation itself.”

The world: crafted by primordials, given life by the gods. Their words molded creation into land, air, and sea. Their words created the races that dwell upon the world. These ancient words of power can still be heard, echoing throughout the realms of shadow, corrupted into words of ruin…

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Un-Familiar Companions (Part 2 of 2)

A witch feeding demonic impsWizards, sorcerers, and witches can all have familiars. While familiars continue to grow more powerful along with their masters, some arcane casters want something more…



Altered Familiar Feat

This feat changes the nature of your familiar but not its type. For example, you can have a clockwork toad familiar or an undead rat. They keep the familiar’s normal abilities.

Casters can choose from several forms, and once chosen, that form cannot be changed for that familiar. However, a new familiar can have a different form from the previous familiar. Sometimes, very different indeed…

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