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Fadin’s Fuming Forge: A Haunt

Fadin's ForgeFadin expertly judged the color of the steel as its hue gradually shifted from deep red, to orange, and then to a pale yellow in his forge. At a precisely timed moment, he removed it with a set of tongs and brought it over to his anvil. He nodded to his apprentice, who generously showered the metal with star dust, the crushed remains of a meteor. Fadin hammered the dust deep into the metal bar before attempting a fold. Once more, he returned the metal to the forge to reheat it.

They repeated the process two more times before they had to stop for the day. Daylight was fading and both Fadin and his apprentice, Ghannes, were tired from the work. Fadin eyed the bar of metal as the heat fled from it. Tomorrow they would finish the work. Together they would create a legendary blade, something every smith dreamed of.

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Blood and Soul (Part 2 of 2)

Chris McFann, Channor(Illustration by Chris McFann)

There are places where the border between realities is thin, places where the energies of the inner planes can easily pour through: places like volcanoes and the Blood Caves.


The Thing That Cuts

The thinning of the veil trap and the healer’s touch trap need something, someone, to activate their effects. Channor the Cruel, Champion of Hunger, can easily fulfill that need.

Channor the Cruel (CR 5)

XP 2400
Ghoul antipaladin 4
CE Medium undead
+5; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +12
cowardice (10 ft.) …

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Blood and Soul (Part 1 of 2)

Chris McFann, Blood Caves(Illustration by Chris McFann)

There are places where the border between realities is thin, places where the energies of the inner planes can easily pour through: places like volcanoes and the Blood Caves.

The Blood Caves

A gateway between the surface and the night below, the Blood Caves are made more dangerous due to the negative energy that suffuses the caves, an energy that gives the caves their name. While within, bound wounds start to haemorrhage once more, and healing magic sometimes fails to work. Blood flows easily in these caves.

Thinning of the Veil Trap (CR 2)

Type magic; Perception DC 25; Disable Device DC 25
Trigger touch; Reset automatic …

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Harrowing Haunts: A Legacy of Good

Hokusai, The Ghost Kohada Koheiji“Pinkskins! Pinkskins in the warren!” The shouts woke Kiro from his slumber. Again and again, the call was repeated. Grabbing his spear, he raced to the cave entrance where several other warriors joined up with him. He glanced at his comrades: their tails wagging with excitement, their teeth bared.

They surged into a corridor and came face to face with the pinkskins, those strange pinkskin eyes shining brightly in the flickering torch light and shadows racing over their pinkskin faces. “Big. They are so very big,” thought Kiro, his stride faltering. “Attack!” yipped one of his comrades, and they surged forward with spears stretched out before them, barreling toward the pinkskin with the greatclub. The pinkskin grimaced and screamed something before he swung his club. Two kobolds to Kiro’s left were suddenly no longer there, but Kiro did not care, for he felt how his spear sank deep into the pinkskin. Kiro yipped with joy. And then the pinkskin’s backswing hit him…

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Harrowing Haunts: A History of Haunts

Illustration for the ballad Young BeckieA History of Haunts follows the career of Otto Geist from relatively unknown trapsmith to the leading authority on haunt manifestation.

Journal Entry #1

Today was a glorious day! I encountered my very first haunt, and even though the bleeding walls and faint sobbing were somewhat disturbing—I am not ashamed to admit that I fled Lord Cauton’s wine cellar with utmost haste—I could see beyond the blood and dread. I’ve seen the future of trapsmithing. If a haunt can catch me unaware, then thieves won’t stand a chance.

Journal Entry #5

I’ve completed my research on haunts. There are some documented cases that provide hints on how the are created, but apparently, I am the only one that wants to create a haunt on purpose. When I suggested it to Maester Welhant as something I have an interest in, he abruptly ended our meeting and informed me that he couldn’t help me further. I think the way forward is to engage in practical experimentation…

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