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Hazardous Duty: Midgard Hazards for the AGE System

Midgard Bestiary Vol. 1 CoverEarlier this year, the Midgard Bestiary (Volume 1) for the AGE System came out. The book has monsters galore just waiting for you to use in your AGE game. Monsters, however, aren’t the only things that can challenge your characters. Take a look at some hazards that have been converted to the AGE system, and then see if your adventurers can handle fogs that hide the presence of zombies or live through a storm that could very well age them — forever! We’ll start you off with a stinging storm of boneshards, and more hazards await you beyond the jump. First, though, take a look at what Emmet has to say about his conversion.

Green Ronin’s AGE is a fantastic system and Bioware’s Dragon Age setting is a great place to adventure, full of all manner of monsters and dangers ready to slay the unwary adventurer.

In the realm of Midgard, however, you might find that the weather can be the death of an unprepared traveler. Shards of bone plummet from the sky or time twists and transforms a hearty young warrior into no more than a pile of dust. These are just some of the hazards that can be found in the world of Midgard, and this article brings these dangers to all AGE system players and GMs.

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Hump Day Hazard: Cadaver Gas

the cadaverIf the gods and the mortals that worship them had their wish, each and every one of the deceased would receive a proper burial. None would be left to decompose, face down, in sloughing mud or shifting sands. None would have their naked limbs picked at by the myriad scavengers and ghouls that roam the barrows just beyond the castle walls.

None would slip through the gates of the Netherworld forgotten, dishonored, or unchristened.

Sadly, this is not the case.

Cadavers that are not embalmed or preserved undergo a grotesque transformation as the processes that once sustained life slow to a halt. Among the most outwardly unnerving of death’s ravages, often recalled with a chill by veteran warriors, is the bloating of a corpse: the result of a buildup of noxious fumes within the decaying body…

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Hump Day Hazard: Sloughing Ichor

Drowned in the TiberMida gasped and let out a shriek that chased the crows from the treetops.

“Give her back, you hobgoblin!”

Icarus cackled, holding the wooden doll—a ballroom dancer—just out of Mida’s grasp.

“Give her back, give her back, give her back!” Tears welled at the corners of her eyes.

Icarus scurried to the edge of the well and dangled the doll over the abyss by its horsetail hair. A smile marred by gaps—teeth yet to emerge – spread across Icarus’s face…

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Humpday Hazard: Echoing Curse

wall of sound“Shut your mouths.”

Nyx licked the blade of her punching dagger and slid against the wall. The cracks in the masonry felt icy.

“Do you hear something, Nyx?”

“I said hush, damnit!” Nyx peeled back her halfling braids, put a finger to the back of her ear, and held her breath.

The rest of the group exchanged confused glances in silence. Only the tapping of water and the scuttling of dust beetles broke the gloom of the ancient castle’s stairwell.

“I think the wench is mad,” Hitnor snorted. The rings in his nose jangled when he chuckled. The fighter shouldered his glaive and lit a pinch of pipe-weed. His exhale swirled down the catacomb snow blown from the roof of a cottage…

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Hump Day Hazard: Disjunction Decay

magic itemsAncient tomes speak of an age when magic was feral, where magic-users wielded nearly unimaginable and insurmountable power—provided they survived their first forays into spellcasting.

One such power was that of disjunction, or the separation of magic into its most base elements. While this ability was harmless on its own—and, in fact, valuable to early practitioners of alchemy—some wielded disjunction like a weapon, stripping the magic from their enemies’ possessions with abandon…

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