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Hump Day Hazard: Magnet Stone

450px-MenhirNotable for the soft humming it emits, a magnet stone is a polarized black mineral that has been handy to alchemists, invaluable to city defense planners, and lethal to countless adventurers. While it occurs naturally in veins beneath the mountains of the realm, magnet stones are most often encountered as jagged, obelisk-shaped stalagmites that form after centuries of attracting metallic dust and detritus. Oozes and other mindless denizens flock to sites where magnet stones are common; feeding on both the organic and inorganic matter the hazard has collected.

Magnet Stone (Level Variable Obstacle)

Hazard (XP Variable)

Skeletons encased in rusting armor cling to an obelisk of dark stone, as if grabbed by an unseen force…

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Hump Day Hazard: Shadowcreep Ice

Ice_bergCommon in places touched by the cold grasp of shadow, shadowcreep ice is an unnatural substance that freezes in areas of darkness and melts when exposed to light. Rumored to have first dripped from the stalactites of a grotto inhabited by an undead primordial, this hazard has claimed the lives of numberless adventurers who had failed to discern its nature before stumbling, slipping, or plummeting to their frigid demise.

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