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Adopt-a-Soldier Update: Q&A With Matt James

Matt JamesThanks to everyone who entered the Adopt-a-Soldier Holiday Contest and to the many others who helped spread the word. Your efforts doubled the number of Adopt-a-Soldier sponsorships in less than a month—so if you’re in the military, there’s a Kobold Quarterly gift subscription waiting for you right now. Head over to the product page and sign up!

We’ll be announcing our Grand Prize winners in the second week of January. One of those prizes is an upcoming 4th Edition D&D sourcebook by Matt James called Soldiers of Fortune: War and Military Adventure in a Fantasy World. Matt is a game designer and author who received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his service in the United States Army. We asked him to tell us about his experiences as a soldier, and what you can look forward to in Soldiers of Fortune

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Adopt-a-Sailor: Q&A With WoTC’s Richard Baker

Richard BakerKobold Quarterly’s Adopt-a-Soldier program is open to all branches of the military: sailors, marines, airmen, and guardians are all eligible to receive free gift subscriptions from sponsors.

Sailors have relied on games to relieve the monotony of long voyages ever since oars first touched water. To get the scuttlebutt on gaming in the navy, we naturally went to Richard Baker. Before he became a game designer, Rich served as a deck officer on board the USS Tortuga. He has designed, written, or contributed to more than 70 game products, including Dungeons & Dragons (3rd and 4th Edition), Alternity, Axis & Allies Miniatures, Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea, and numerous D&D adventures and sourcebooks…

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Unconventional Dreaming:
A Conversation with Jeff LaSala


Novelist and game designer Jeff LaSala is perhaps best known for his Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Transmuter’s Last Touch and his Eberron novel, The Darkwood Mask. Both of these, it is important to note, involve kobolds. Lots and lots of kobolds. In fact, it is safe to say that Jeff LaSala is a bona fide kobold advocate of the first order.

LaSala’s kobolds are cunning, adept with magic, and always entertaining. The message underlying his work is straightforward: never underestimate the kobold!

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How Would You Stop the Seasons? A Conversation with Kevin A. Ross

SorrowsCoverKevin Ross is back. Miskatonic River Press is back. With a Call of Cthulhu license from Chaosium, Cthulhu is once again dreaming, and all across the world, investigators are being scared witless.

A veteran horror RPG writer, Ross has contributed to over 30 products, for companies such as Chaosium, Pagan Publishing, and Miskatonic River Press. However, his recent Our Ladies of Sorrow was delayed last spring by the death of Keith “Doc” Herber, the founder of Miskatonic River Press and former editor on Call of Cthulhu.

But now it’s here!

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