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Journeying to the West: An Interview with Christina Stiles

Journeys to the West

Tell me what’s awesome about your new Kobold Press adventure anthology Journeys to the West.

It’s sea-faring adventure. What’s not awesome about high-seas escapades and exploration? Plus, we’ve thrown in enough new monsters and islands to keep a campaign going for quite some time. Although these are set in Midgard’s Western Ocean, a GM could really place them in any campaign with no trouble at all.

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Journeys to the West Adventure Anthology Now Available

Journeys to the WestLet the Journeys begin!

Journeys to the West, the new 8-island, 5-adventure anthology of seafaring excitement for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is out from Kobold Press! Set sail from Barsella, the City at the Edge of the world, home of adventurers and pirates, and explore the vast, uncharted waters of the Western Ocean of the Midgard Campaign Setting –or any ocean you choose to sail!

Purchase Journeys to the West as a standalone book, or take advantage of the limited-time Seafaring Bundle and get Journeys in print and PDF, Pirates of the Western Ocean PDF, To the Edge of the World adventure PDF, and the Sunken Empires sourcebook PDF.

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Kobold Quarterly #22 Now Available

Kobold Quarterly 22Summer’s here, and you know what that means! Flee indoors and play games until the fiery sky-ball no longer burns our skin with its cruel flames.

Seriously though, there’s enough great stuff in Kobold Quarterly #22 to keep you occupied all summer. Get it in print + PDF or PDF only and you’ll enjoy articles for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 4th Edition D&D and AGE System. But wait, there’s more: we also have articles for Castles & Crusades and 13th Age! Old school, new school, and everything in between — this issue’s got it.

  • The archdevil Barbatos, gatekeeper of Golarion’s Hells by Paizo’s Wes Schneider
  • Dragonkin servitors of Midgard’s Mharoti Empire for D&D
  • Four monsters from Journeys to the West for C&C
  • 13th Age’s Escalation Die mechanic with conversion rules for other RPGs by Rob Heinsoo
  • AGE System rules for black powder weapons
  • An interview with Pathfinder RPG lead designer Jason Bulmahn

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Journeys into the West: Guardians and En Garde!

Cover for Journeys to the WestContinuing with our preview materials, the patrons of Journeys to the West have finished generating items and spells, and now we’re heading full sail toward playtesting—presuming the winds of creativity and the authors’ muses are generous! In the meantime, patrons are looking over material, plus they’re looking for mechanical or grammatical concerns (and hoping to pick up a bit of bling while they’re at it).

Speaking of bling, here’s a fine piece of headgear for performers and duelists. Take a look at two more items that might keep the ship busy and headed on a course away from Barsella for now! Here’s hoping you find a fun use for it in your campaign!

—Ben McFarland

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Journeys to the West: Hazards and Havens

Cover for Journeys to the WestThe patrons of Journeys have been hard at work brainstorming, collaborating, and creating material for an island-hopping expedition of legend. And with that comes not only the sort of item certain to save your hero’s hide as the ship sinks beneath storm-tossed seas, but the sort of creature locked within a giant brass monkey head, just begging for a greedy crew to unleash upon an unsuspecting officer corps.

With that in mind, the patrons of Journeys into the West are pleased to present the Island Survival Manual, which is sure to provide anyone who washes ashore with the barest form of subsistence. We also reveal the rum gremlins. These creatures can gleefully leave your crew in a state where the ship’s about to founder and your characters are about to need a copy of that Island Survival Manual.

So enjoy! And remember not to open any giant brass monkey heads!


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