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Deep Magic: Casting Time Is Complete

Deep Magic CoverThanks to all the backers out there, the Deep Magic Kickstarter closed with the following stats:

1,927 backers
$126,031 pledged of $10,000 goal

That is, frankly, amazing. And wonderful.

We have so much gratitude for each and every backer out there, and we hope that you all had fun being part of the process. Even better, we cannot wait to get all of these fun projects into your hands so that you can start enjoying them at your gaming table. If you want to see what all is being made a part of this project, the Kickstarter page has an excellent summary of the material.

But, what happens if you didn’t back this project?

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Deep Magic: Casting Time Almost Complete

Deep Magic CoverBack on June 10th, the Deep Magic Kickstarter began its interesting and rather spectacular adventure into the realms of Pathfinder magic.

As of this writing, it’s nearly at 1,000 percent of its original funding goal. That means that this is going to happen—this project is already funded. And it’s going to happen BIG because of all our current backers. To each of you backing this project: a heartfelt thank you!

But, this isn’t over yet. The casting time has not ended.

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Deep Magic: The App

3lb GamesThanks to the support of the gaming community, the Deep Magic Kickstarter hit (and exceeded) the goal that brings 3lb Games on board with their Deep Magic app. With only a minimum of arcane effort (and no verbal components), we called forth the booming voice of their official spokesperson and now share those words of wonder and wisdom with you, our gathered kobolds:

“All of us here at 3lb Games are excited . . . wait, no, thrilled. Yeah, go with that . . . we’re thrilled to be working with Kobold Press; our creative director Colin McComb is thrilled to be working with Kobold Press AGAIN. We’re wrapping the Numenera app right now, and we’re excited to deliver a new way for you to thumb through your spellbook. We are planning for full compatibility with the latest iPhone, iOS7 and Android, Jelly Bean, and best of all, Producer Robin Moulder-McComb promises that it will support somatic components. No verbal components, though. At least not yet.”

But, wait! You might have more questions about this wondrous app. You can gain further wisdom and wonder by reading the update that details this stretch goal. While you’re there on the Kickstarter site, take a look at the latest stretch goals! We have some more arcane goodness awaiting you.

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Deep Magic: Crafting the Cover

Deep Magic Cover RoughWorking as art director on the Deep Magic project is a blast! In particular, working with cover artist Marcel Mercado was a creative delight, and I am THRILLED with what he came up with.

Initially, my direction to Marcel for the cover basically focused on Midgard magic (blood magic, rune magic, shadow magic, and geomancy). I also stressed that I wanted a bright, colorful cover image that is lively, dynamic, and full of action. I noted that a cool-looking menhir (standing stone) with runes carved was an important part of the image. Ley lines were another element we needed, which I suggested might be represented as glowing lines on the ground, radiating out from the base of the menhir. Of course, being a book all about magic, we needed a spellcaster, so I asked for a wizard of some sort (one of the Midgard iconics would be a nice touch), casting a spell, with lots of fiery, glowing magical runes in the air around him.

Deep Magic CoverI was blown away by the rough we received (seen above).

All four had a nice sense of action and movement, and they really captured the feel we were going for.

I like rough #1 best of all, in particular the menhir and the ley lines, although I liked aspects of the other three as well. So I worked with Marcel to incorporate the best parts of all four roughs into a single, awesome cover image. You can see where we are with that in the second image sneak peek I’m posting here.

After I had the final, high resolution image in hand, I worked on the actual cover.

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Deep Magic: Meet the Editor/Developer

Red Pen

I have very fond memories of, as a teenager, sitting with my friends and poring over spell descriptions. Something about the mystery, wonder, and power of magic in RPGs has just always given me goose bumps—and, I admit, made me a little trigger-happy when it comes to offensive spells.

So when Wolfgang casually asked me late last year whether I was interested in editing and developing a book of magic, I happily replied, “That’s right in my wheelhouse!”

Little did I know how absolutely engrossing, exciting, and just plain fun this project would be.

In the five months since work has begun on Deep Magic in earnest, I’ve coordinated with Wolfgang and Ben to compile existing Kobold Press material, convert at least one set of spells to Pathfinder RPG, organize the book’s contents, wrangle deadlines, and edit and develop a host of all-new material.

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