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Terra Incognita

One of Open Design’s favorite cartographers wrote recently to let us know about an event he’s putting together — an art show for fantasy maps!

Says Roberts, “I’m pulling in professional fantasy cartographers and very talented amateurs and I’ll be showing my own work as part of the show.” Readers will remember his work from Sunken Empires, Halls of the Mountain King, and other projects.

You can see work by Jonathan Roberts and other cartographers July 16th-29th at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, and prints will be available. Stop by and drink a toast to the cartographers!

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Hexographer Software Review

Hexographer Map

In summary: Hexographer creates a map with a more old-school feel, a format familiar to anyone who played TSR modules like Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun—those trying to produce a more illustrated map will find this tool inappropriate for that task. The price is lower than Campaign Cartographer, Dundjinni, or Fractal Mapper, and it includes a great deal of immediate and potential utility. Overall, Hexographer is a great, quickly acquired and configured, utility-rich cartography tool with an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface, and a very accessible price-point.


First, I have to be truthful with you.

I love maps…

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