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Magic of the Celestial Sea IV – The Living Stars

Pleiades by s58yEach morning, Midgard’s deific sun emerges from the horizon and begins its swift journey across the sky, sparks of flaming godstuff cascading in its wake. While most of these divine motes simply diffuse into the firmament, a rare few find purchase in the heavenly ether and begin to mature into something truly magnificent. Growing in awareness as well as radiance, these are the living stars. Each speck of light in Midgard’s night sky is a living being, possessed of miraculous powers and a wild diversity of wants and desires.

When shining in the sky, the stars’ corporeal forms are enveloped in blazing auras of enormous size. These auras are the radiance visible in the night sky, and render them all but inaccessible and invulnerable; only the youngest stars fear the great void dragons and dark primordial proto-gods that hunt the Celestial Sea. Many stars shine for the entire duration of their long lives, contemplating existence in celestial solitude. Some may dim their lights only briefly, to allow rare visitors entrance to their strange realms. Others are so struck with wanderlust and curiosity that they will periodically depart the heavens entirely, seeking adventure, knowledge, or companionship on Midgard and elsewhere.

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Available Now: Dark Fey

DarkFeyCover_550pxFew mortals know how deep the Fair Lands go, or what manner of creatures dwell in its shadows. These are the strange, wild folk of the old tales: cruel beings who prey on human greed with cursed gold, and invite young men and women to revels from which they never return.

Dark Fey is an essential guide to the fey, usable with the Midgard Campaign Setting or your dark fantasy setting of choice.

This 22-page book includes:

  • An overview of the fey courts, including the River Court, the Moonlit Court and the Court of a Million Stars
  • 18 new malevolent fey, left behind to wreak havoc when elves abandoned the mortal world
  • A new fey animal template
  • Known fey of Midgard, organized by type and by CR

Get Dark Fey today at Paizo.com or DriveThruRPG.com, and introduce your players to the truth behind the tales!

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Building Character: Feats for Gnolls

GnollThe gnolls of Midgard are a bloody and ferocious lot. These feats are designed to make gnoll player characters and nonplayer characters as terrifying and fierce as can be. Note that they are designed for and refer to gnolls, but they are appropriate for any savage warrior race (barbarians, orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins, and so on).

Bloody Display

You intimidate your enemies with gruesome displays of self-mutilation.

Benefit: By taking a standard action and drawing blood through self-inflicted wounds to visible portions of its own body (in other words, slicing one’s own face or arms), you gain an Intimidate bonus equal to the number of hit points sacrificed (maximum +6) to any creature within line of sight, for a number of rounds equal to the bonus. Creatures immune to fear and other mind-affecting abilities and effects (for example, constructs) are immune to this ability.

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Coolest Virtual Gen Con Project Ever

Baba Yaga's HutAs part of the “Coolest Virtual Gen Con Project Ever,” Kobold freelancer Ben McFarland recorded the opening encounter of Grandmother’s Fire, an adventure out of the anthology, Tales of the Old Margreve.

While his voice is a little rough—who are we kidding, he could do stand-in work for the Cryptkeeper—it seems that the table had a great time, facing down ghoulish knights, ghostly coursers, and terrible lich hounds. And it’s a great example of the kinds of wonderful games you can find at Gen Con. So sit back, enjoy the raspy drawl of our GM, and watch as these brave adventurers delve into the shadows of the deep, dark forest.

And if you’re looking for more adventure, either from Ben or in the lands of Midgard, go check out Midgard Tales for another thirteen adventures from across the campaign setting!

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Magic of the Celestial Sea I – Ether Mages of the Star Citadel

To the Edge of the World coverThe flat world of Midgard sits in the center of a vast ethereal ocean called the Celestial Sea. Dizzying wonders and unspeakable terrors await those travelers with the bravery and means to take a leap past Veles the World Serpent and into the starry void. From visiting other worlds barely visible in the night sky to making an ally of a gregarious living star to avoiding the attention of a dreaded void dragon, the Celestial Sea is a realm rich with potential for adventure. Beginning at the Star Citadel (from To the Edge of the World), this series will explore several of the exotic magical traditions native to the Celestial Sea, as well as some of the beings and locations with which they are associated.

Few travelers are not awestruck by their first view of the Star Citadel, an enormous fortress in the shape of a six-pointed star, drifting calmly through the void. The citadel bustles with creatures both strange and familiar, most in the service of King Ioratas and Queen Astrakia, the King and Queen of Stars. Although the citadel has many wonders that visitors are free to explore, its catacombs are decidedly not among those. Far larger and deeper than the structure’s geometry would suggest, the catacombs are home to beings that the King and Queen prefer kept secret, some of their own volition and some not. Of all those in the former category, the Ether Mages have the greatest presence in the citadel proper. Led by a wizened half-angel under the influence of a permanent blink spell, the Ether Mages are a collective of wizards retained by the King and Queen to plumb the depths of ethereal magic. While the King would have their research kept secret for his own reasons, the mages themselves are generally gregarious scholars and surprisingly unguarded about discussing their work with wizardly visitors. As such, bits of their exotic ether magic have crossed the Celestial Sea, even turning up in Midgard.

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