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Monster Monday: Shroud Eater

Cesar Tort provides a picture of the “Wall face” appearance, purportedly paranormal but probably made by human hands, of the famous House of the Faces in Spain.This woman was once beautiful, but her bloated features are now just one horrible mask, a parody of her former self. As she nimbly emerges from the darkness, the details of her terrible transformation becomes all too evident: the tattered remains of her own burial shroud are being slowly consumed by the distorted mouth of the creature she’d turned into. The rotten tissue within the oral cavity has transmuted into a putrid mass mixed with dark blood whose stench is unbearable.

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Ravenfolk PC Race – 13th Age Compatible

Ravenfolk detailWith the release of Advanced Races 5: Ravenfolk (available at DriveThruRPG and Paizo), it’s time to take a crack at bringing this avian race into 13th Age. I enjoyed converting the darakhul and gearforged, but I’m especially excited by the ravenfolk because this book is my first solo design project for Kobold Press!

Our ravenfolk are Western cousins of the tengu, shapeshifting creatures out of Japanese folktales. In Midgard these creatures are the trickster children of Wotan, and sacred warriors of hawk-headed Horus. The racial ability and feats reflect this Midgardian identity.

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Advanced Races 5: Ravenfolk Now Available

COVER_RavenfolkFew races in Midgard live amid so much rumor, suspicion and outright falsehood as the ravenfolk. They are condemned as solitary wanderers bearing misfortune, and praised as messengers from the gods. They are loyal comrades and treacherous thieves, brave warriors and contemptible cowards. But these truths, half-truths and lies conceal a greater mystery that very few outsiders know…

Advanced Races 5: Ravenfolk gives you everything you need to play in the Midgard Campaign Setting as a huginn or heru, or bring the ravenfolk into the setting of your choice. Compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this 19-page book by designer Wade Rockett includes:

  • The ravenfolk themselves, their rookeries, and their secret feather-language
  • 13 alternate racial traits, and 6 new ravenfolk feats
  • 5 new archetypes including Doom Croaker, Sea Raven and Thief of Secrets
  • New spells, magic items, and exotic weapons
  • And much more!

The gods have need of you: trickster, prophet, blade-master, spy. Will you answer the call? Pick up Advanced Races 5: Ravenfolk in PDF at DriveThruRPG or the Paizo store!

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Advanced Races 4: Dragonkin now Available

Advanced Races 4: DragonkinAdvanced Races 4: Dragonkin gives you everything you need to play a descendant of the greatest and most terrible monsters in fantasy roleplaying. Use it in the Midgard Campaign Setting or in the setting of your choice.

Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this 14-page book by designer Amanda Hamon includes:

  • The dragonkin PC race, and the draconic Mharoti Empire
  • 8 new alternate racial traits, and 7 new dragonkin feats
  • 5 new archetypes including Edjet Warrior, Dragonkin Elementalist and World Serpent’s Chosen
  • New spells and new armor and weapon abilities
  • Fiery art by Rick Hershey, Guido Kuip and Aaron Riley
  • And much more!

Advanced Races 4: Dragonkin is available at DriveThruRPG (with Paizo coming soon.) Take up your weapon and show the “hairy ones” what courage really is! Join the ranks of the dragonkin, and remember—one day, the world will be yours!

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Magic of the Celestial Sea IV – The Living Stars

Pleiades by s58yEach morning, Midgard’s deific sun emerges from the horizon and begins its swift journey across the sky, sparks of flaming godstuff cascading in its wake. While most of these divine motes simply diffuse into the firmament, a rare few find purchase in the heavenly ether and begin to mature into something truly magnificent. Growing in awareness as well as radiance, these are the living stars. Each speck of light in Midgard’s night sky is a living being, possessed of miraculous powers and a wild diversity of wants and desires.

When shining in the sky, the stars’ corporeal forms are enveloped in blazing auras of enormous size. These auras are the radiance visible in the night sky, and render them all but inaccessible and invulnerable; only the youngest stars fear the great void dragons and dark primordial proto-gods that hunt the Celestial Sea. Many stars shine for the entire duration of their long lives, contemplating existence in celestial solitude. Some may dim their lights only briefly, to allow rare visitors entrance to their strange realms. Others are so struck with wanderlust and curiosity that they will periodically depart the heavens entirely, seeking adventure, knowledge, or companionship on Midgard and elsewhere.

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