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Midgard Icons: The Oracle of Kammae

Sea God in ChainsMidgard Icons presents some of the Midgard Campaign Setting’s major NPCs as icons for use in 13th Age, the new fantasy roleplaying game from Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet. Bring them into your 13th Age campaign; run 13th Age in the world of Midgard; or port the icon relationship rules into your system of choice.

In our 10th and final installment, we enter a mysterious temple where, through fogs of incense, we hear the rattle of giant chains…

The Oracle of Kammae

The blind daughter of the moon is blessed — or cursed — with divine insight, and gifts of healing and prophecy. With the voices of spirits, angels, and canny counselors around her, the Oracle of Kammae Straboli rarely errs in matters of fact or faith.


“Go seven leagues to the North, to where jeweled wings beat against a blackened wall. Search among the rocks at nightfall for the hidden key — but beware the one who walks behind.”

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Last Call for Bundle of Zobeck!

Bundle of Zobeck montage3You still have a chance to grab the wondrous Bundle of Zobeck — now with seveneight great Midgard PDFs! This special set-your-own-price offer ends early on Saturday, so move fast.

We’ve just added a new item to the Bundle: Your Whispering Homunculus by Richard Pett! This book is the GM’s humble servant and guide to the vile, whimsical, disgusting, bizarre, horrific, odd, skin-crawling, and mildly disturbed side of fantasy gaming. It provides wonderfully lunatic ideas and encounters to keep your players on their toes – along with tips on how to make ordinary creatures and locations truly memorable.

Proceeds from the Bundle of Zobeck sale go to benefit two of Kobold King Wolfgang Baur’s favorite causes: Heifer International and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The Bundle of Zobeck offers an outstanding collection of eight Kobold Press ebooks for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game — characters, locations, magic, and adventures. For one price you set yourself, you get more than 500 pages of DRM-free watermarked PDFs — an entire Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying campaign featuring the Midgard setting and, above all, its bustling, ever-ticking Free City of Zobeck.

Get the Bundle of Zobeck today!

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Available Now: Player’s Guide to the Rothenian Plains

Ride Hard and Loot Everything!

Player's Guide to the Rothenian PlainsIn Midgard’s Rothenian Plain, the dangers are everywhere: slavers, demonic warlock, raiding centaur bands, bandits and more . But on the open grasslands, it is easy to make a life of banditry and adventure as well, for a fresh start is just over the horizon.

The centaur shamans, human horsemen, and elvish archers of the Plains are all justly famous for their skill and daring. Join their ranks with new archetypes, all-new gear, marvelous spells, and more than 100 new options for Pathfinder RPG!

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Final Call for ENnies Voting!

ENnies 2013 nomineeIf you haven’t yet voted in the ENnies, you still have a bit of time left. Please do venture forth and consider voting for the Kobolds. As a reminder, the Kobolds are up for the following awards. And, as always, we are very grateful for your support.

Best Writing

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

Best RPG Related Product

Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

Best Setting

Midgard Campaign Setting

Best Supplement

Dark Roads & Golden Hells

Fans’ Favorite Publisher

Kobold Press

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The Bundle of Zobeck

A top-quality collection of DRM-free Pathfinder ebooks from Kobold Press — pay what you want and support charity!

The Bundle of Zobeck offers an outstanding collection of Kobold Press Pathfinder ebooks —
characters, locations, magic, and adventures. For one price you set yourself, you can get the complete collection — over 500 pages of DRM-free watermarked PDFs — an entire Pathfinder fantasy roleplaying campaign featuring the Midgard setting and, above all, its bustling, ever-ticking Free City of Zobeck.

Home to clockwork wizards, Gear Goddess priests, conniving cultists, ambitious merchants, and backstabbing thieves, Zobeck is the beating heart of the Midgard campaign setting. And though these ebooks include many details about Midgard’s deities, clockwork technology, and neighboring territories, you can easily transplant the Free City to your existing fantasy campaign with only slight modifications. In Midgard or in your own world, Zobeck provides the perfect home base for your game’s stories.

Every Bundle of Zobeck includes PDF versions of the 96-page Zobeck Gazetteer (retail price US$10) and the large Zobeck City Map (retail $4). And if you pay more than the current average price, you also receive these bonus ebooks:

* Midgard Campaign Setting (298 pages, retail $20) – the complete ENnie-nominated worldbook
* Streets of Zobeck (94 pages, retail $10) – dark and daring fantasy-noir adventures in the city’s seedy underbelly
* Midgard Bestiary (109 pages, retail $10) – over 100 monsters and creatures suitable for Midgard or any fantasy setting

If you paid full price for all these PDFs, you’d spend nearly US$74. But we let you set your own price for the entire collection. You can designate a portion of your payment for two of Kobold Press founder Wolfgang Baur’s favorite charities: Heifer International and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The starting average price of the Bundle of Zobeck will be weighted to keep it from rising too fast. The sooner you purchase your Bundle of Zobeck, the lower the average price will be, and the cheaper it is to get the bonus books. There’s another bonus to buying early—if we add books to the Bundle later in its run (hint, hint), all previous purchasers automatically receive those newly added books on their download page, regardless of whether they paid higher than the bonus price. That’s your reward for buying early.

Your affordable ticket to the Free City and the world of Midgard is on sale now. But act fast — the Bundle of Zobeck is a time-limited offer.

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