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Monsters of the Greek Heroic AGE: Chimera

The Chimera on a red-figure Apulian plate, c. 350–340 BC (Musée du Louvre)All heroes need foes to vanquish. Myths from a variety of ancient cultures involve people overcoming great odds to save their loved ones, to fight against the whims of gods, and to defeat the minions of those gods. This article introduces foes from classic tales of Greek mythology to Green Ronin’s Dragon Age system. Some will seem familiar. Some will have a different twist than you may have seen previously in other fantasy roleplaying games. They can be used as is for many campaign settings or you can re-skin them for use in Thedas.

I have tried to keep to the classical characteristics of the monsters described below as opposed to regurgitate characteristics shown in other roleplaying games. However, the recorded myths involving these monsters vary, and in some cases I have taken some poetic license in combining or leaving out some of the characteristics from myth.


The Chimera is the offspring of Typhon and Echidna: the father and mother of monsters. It has the head and body of a giant lioness, the wings of a dragon, a goat’s head that extends from its back, and a serpentine tail that ends with a snake’s head. The Chimera breathes fire and often lairs in areas where explosive swamp gas is prevalent.

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Monarch of the Monsters: We Have a Winner!

Monarch of the MonstersVoting has closed for our Monarch of the Monsters design contest, and we have a winner! With 107 votes it’s the mask wight designed by Sersa Victory for the 13th Age RPG.

Sersa’s commitments for 2014 prevent him from taking on any new freelance projects. So we’re awarding a freelance design commission from Kobold Press to the second place winner: Jeff Lee who brought us the phlogistian faerie for Pathfinder RPG!

Congratulations to our winners and to all the finalists, who will receive PDF copies of the Midgard Bestiary for Pathfinder RPG, Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition, Midgard Bestiary for AGE System, and the double-ENnie winner, the Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding.

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Old Hat Monsters: Flavoring an Old Hat Encounter

Rise Turkeys, Rise!The dice land and, according to your random encounter, it’s one of those classics your crew has become way too familiar with. Zombies, trolls, giant spiders, goblins, and worgs can fail to excite more experienced players. Maybe you scroll through some of my old templates and add a twist to the monster, but frankly there’s only so many times that’s going to work until they start calling you M. Night Shyamalan.

So do you skip it? That isn’t palatable because they are running willy-nilly through a dark forest and the ghost of Gary Gygax demands you hit them with something. Here’s a hard truth: Your players aren’t bored with those Old Hat Monsters; they are bored with how you present them. Join me after the jump, and I’ll share some tidbits you can use to spice those encounters up again.

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Monarch of the Monsters Voting Begins

Monarch of the MonstersNow that you’ve seen the five finalists for the Monarch of the Monsters contest, you can vote! We’re opening the polls so that you can help crown the 2013 Monarch of the Monsters.

Which monster would you like to see win the Monarch of the Monsters 4 contest?

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Monarch of the Monsters 4: Phlogistian Faerie

Monarch of the MonstersIn the past few weeks, we had many wonderful entries to the Monarch of the Monsters contest, and our talented and skilled judges chose five finalists from among the entries. We now present those five finalists to you so that you can enjoy them, and, at the end of the week, vote on your favorite. This time, we have the phlogistian faerie by Jeff Lee.

A lithe, feminine form leaps and twirls amid the conflagration, not only unharmed by the flames, but seemingly buoyed by them. She tosses her fiery locks and gives a laugh like the roar of the wildfire itself.

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