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New Paths Compendium Now Available

New Paths Compendium Cover FrontThe first big Kobold release of 2014 is here in print and PDF! And if you’re a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game player — and c’mon, if you’re reading this there’s like an 85% chance you are — you’re going to want to pick this up.

The New Paths Compendium offer tons of new options to create your new favorite PC. You’ll find 7 new and expanded classes from level 1 through 20—plus enough new feats, spells, archetypes, and resources to build and play a character that your group will talk about for years to come.

Grab your copy of the New Paths Compendium at the Kobold Store, DriveThruRPG and Paizo.  And check out the Exclusive Color Edition only at the Kobold Store! More details after the jump:

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The Enlightened Necromancer: 13th Age Compatible

White necromancerThe Expanded White Necromancer is now available for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! A lot of 13th Age fans have also expressed interest in a compatible skull-slinging PC class, so we asked Lawrence Augustine R. Mingoa of Persuasions of the 13th Kind to share some tips on an ARCHMAGE Engine conversion.

The Ghoul Emperor and other undead horrors are widely considered the greatest enemy of every living creature: their very nature violates the natural order of life. But a few spellcasters realize that the living may learn secrets from them that even the Exarch would envy: the secrets of true necromancy, of life, death and undeath.

These “white necromancers” embrace both the dark and the light of necromancy, and use their art to maintain and defend life. Here are some ways to bring the Expanded White Necromancer class into your 13th Age RPG campaign.

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Expanded White Necromancer Now Available for Pathfnder

New Paths White Necromancer coverMost necromancers are foul, twisted individuals obsessed with corruption and death. But not all.

A few embrace the knowledge that true necromancy involves tapping the powers of life as well as death. These enlightened few are known as white necromancers.

New Paths 7: The Expanded White Necromancer gives you everything you need to play a necromancer whose understanding of the mysterious connection between life and death makes you a potent healer as well as a powerful spellcaster.

Designer Marc Radle has greatly expanded the white necromancer class from Kobold Quarterly #19 to include:

  • 6 new spells including dance of the dead and wall of bones
  • Necrotic Healer and Grave-Bound archetypes
  • 2 new necromantic feats
  • Rules for undead companions that bind you to a loyal ghost, mummy, vampire, skeleton, shadow, or zombie

Hey, just because you summon ghosts and travel with a helpful vampire, it doesn’t make you a bad guy! Get The Expanded White Necromancer today at DriveThruRPG or Paizo, and wield the powers of death to bring justice and healing to the world.

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New Paths: Expanded Monk and Ninja Now Available

New Paths 5 Expanded Monk and NinjaEnter the Chromatic Dragon!

Monks and ninjas in RPGs are characters of hidden depths and mystic power. Now the latest PDF in our New Paths series for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game  brings new options to these classes, written by Jerall Toi and refined in the crucible of playtesting.

New Paths 5: The Expanded Monk and Ninja includes:

  • Beast Soul, Clockwork Monk, Peerless Mountain, Paper Drake, and Six Talismans archetypes for monks
  • Elemental Ninja and Mist Stalker archetypes for ninjas
  • 25 new ki-based and style featsincluding One-Inch Punch, Paper Talisman, Ring the Bell, Polearm Acrobat, and Coiled Strength
  • Five new martial arts styles: Broken Mirror, Death Butterfly, Desert Scorpion, Eagle Talon, and Nightwave
  • New master tricks for the ninja
  • 7 new weapons, from the humble tamo cane and farmer’s hoe to ding pa, the iron flute, and the wind and fire wheels

New styles, new weapons, new archetypes—to master your ki and master your foe, New Paths 5: The Expanded Monk and Ninja is the true path to enlightenment. Get it today at DriveThru RPG, the Paizo Store and RPG Now!

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