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RPG Site of the Year: Favorite Blog Voting

Venerable JikookAttention, friends of the kobolds and fellow kobolds! Kobold Quarterly is one of the seven contenders listed today for the RPG Site of the Year contest. If you love Your Whispering Homunculus, Real Steel, Howling Tower, Thppgrg, and all of our other fine and fun offerings, you can go vote for us!

Just follow the link to the contest, and cast your vote for kobolds everywhere!

The voting in this stage is for today only, so now’s probably a really good time to do this.

And thanks!

Venerable Jikook (Artist: James Krause), one of the newer additions to our kobold community, would also thank you. We’re sure of it.

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New Patron Project: Midgard Tales

Goldscale ponders his destinyOur kobold mascot Jiro left this note on Wolfgang’s desk this morning:

dear boss,

I was reading a bunch of adventures you know the classic stuff like vault of the drow and tomb of horrors and rise of the runelords and i was thinking it would be great if we had something like that for midgard you know something epic and world defining

well boss what do you know but that dollface christina thinks so too and were going to do a new kickstarter to make stuff as good as tomb of horrors

people think were crazy boss but i don’t know i bet a lot of other people are as crazy as us and will want in what do you think


Wolfgang checked with Christina Stiles and Ben McFarland, and they confirmed it: there’s a new Open Design patron project that they say will shake the pillars of heaven, and they’re looking for patrons to help design it.

Midgard Tales will contain 13 new adventures for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, with new takes on classic RPG themes. This book will define the Midgard campaign setting the way legendary adventures such as Dragonlance did back in the day.

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Kobold Guide to Board Game Design Nominated for Origins Award

Congratulations to Mike Selinker and all of the talented authors who contributed their insights to the Kobold Guide To Board Game Design: the book has been nominated for the Origins Award for Best Game-Related Publication!

If you’re attending the 2012 Origins Game Fair, I hope you’ll cast your vote for the KGBGD this year. The response we’ve gotten on it from readers and reviewers has been some of the best we’ve received for any product, praising it for presenting  valuable insights and how-to advice on game design in an approachable way. It doesn’t hurt that the book features essays by an outstanding roster of designers:

  • Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Steve Jackson (Munchkin)
  • Dale Yu (Dominion)
  • James Ernest (Kill Doctor Lucky)
  • Lisa Steenson (Redneck Life)
  • Rob Daviau (Risk: Pacific)
  • Matt Forbeck (Space Hulk: Genestealer)
  • Dave Howell (Lamarckian Poker)
  • Richard C. Levy (Furby)
  • Andrew Looney (Fluxx)
  • Michelle Nephew (Ren Faire)
  • Paul Peterson (Harry Potter TCG, Guillotine)
  • Mike Selinker (Lords of Vegas)
  • Jeff Tidball (Horus Heresy, World of Warcraft Adventure Game)
  • Teeuwynn Woodruff (Betrayal at House on the Hill)

Haven’t read it yet? Pick it up at the Kobold Store.

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Batter Up!

Batter Up! (Artist: Peter Bradley)

Minion #7, leader of the Journeys to the Western Ocean project, has been called up to the big leagues! Yep, I’m pinch-hitting on the Kobold Quarterly magazine staff, batting for Editorial Assistant Christopher Bodan in KQ #21! I can already hear the roar of the crowds as I step up to the plate—or maybe that’s loud booing I’m hearing. Ah, either way, it doesn’t bother me. You can’t keep a good kobold down, after all. Heck, I’ll take your thrown tomatoes and make salad! So, ha!

Actually, you may already have been privy to a bit of my handiwork, as I did some pinch-editing in KQ #20. The Overlord just didn’t want you to know about it. He said something to the effect that he didn’t want an all-Christina issue of the magazine, so he omitted mention of Minion #7 in the mast. Can you believe that? To that I asked: What’s wrong with an all-Christina issue? Really? I just don’t see the problem. So now, as payback, I’m plotting to overtake the Kobold Courier for an all-Christina issue while the Overlord is not looking. But, hey, keep that between us. I don’t want him to know about that. It’s going to be a big, shocking surprise.

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