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One Too Many (Voices in My Head): The Beat Down in O-Town

fignt nightWelcome to Greg “Twinkle Toes” Vaughan’s One Too Many (Voices in My Head). His last, best chance to exercise those pesky demons. In his column you’ll find… I really have no idea, but he gave me $20, so… all yours Greg!


O-Town is what I call Oklahoma City… no, not normally, only when I’m trying to rhyme something with “beat down.” It’s also where I live. Okay, I think that’s all the explanation I need there. Moving on…

I work (I mean my real-life day job, not my spectacularly jet-set, James Bond lifestyle of freelance RPG writing) in a conservative industry at a little office building on a busy intersection in a little corner of Oklahoma City. Kind of a Clark Kent sort of deal but without the glasses and the little forehead curl.

Like Clark Kent, sometimes you hear that cry for help and have to rush off to find a phone booth (good luck), or a semi-clean public restroom (yeah, right), or more likely get arrested for public indecency while trying to change into your Superman skivvies in the middle of a street. I think my metaphor is beginning to break down here.

It was no cry for help that nearly caused me to be arrested for public… did I say indecency? I meant intoxication. No, it was something much more insidious and threatening to the very moral fiber of this great nation. I call it Office Morale Day…

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One Too Many (Voices in My Head): Gen Con Undercover

Inconveniences of a Crowded Drawing RoomWelcome to Greg Vaughan’s One Too Many (Voices in  My Head). His last, best chance to exercise those pesky demons. In his column you’ll find… I really have no idea, but he gave me $20, so… all yours Greg!

(Actually, this is a very special recounting of his Gen Con experience this year.)


My name is Greg Vaughan, and I’m a gamer. At least, that’s what my badge says.

Between you and me, though, I prefer the subtle melodrama of professional wrestling (it’s real you know!), and I’m a lifetime subscriber to Cat Fancy magazine. Just a regular Joe.

In an effort to get in on this new “reality TV” thing (I think it’s really gonna to take off in the next few years), I have set out to create and star in my own series that takes a look into the seedy and secretive subculture of the “RPG gamer.” Extensive research has led me to the conclusion that that best time to observe the gamer is in the annual pilgrimage to the mecca of gamer interaction—the “gaming convention.” With keen instincts for observation and journal in hand, I intend to be accepted into and observe the gamer in his natural environment: I’m going to Gen Con undercover…

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