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Dragons, Dragonkin, and . . . Ostriches?

Players Guide to the Dragon Empire
The PDF of the Player’s Guide to the Dragon Empire is out and on the Kobold Press store webpage, and it is chock full of draconic goodness for gamemasters and players alike. Dragons in fantasy RPGs have always been problematical: Are they mythic and invulnerable beasts as in the Tolkien tradition, or are they 1st Edition stat blocks that you can overcome with handy spells and convenient magic swords? The Player’s Guide to the Dragon Empire gives players and gamemasters the tools they need to find a fun and playable solution that falls wherever they want between these two answers.

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From the Deep Dark Woods of Gen Con…

Some days, it just feels like the stars have aligned and everything is falling into place.

That was the Friday of Gen Con 2012—and I don’t mean the fact that the panels went well, or that a seat opened up at the Ars Magica game, although that contributed. I mean that I sat down to run “Grandmother’s Fire” from Tales of the Old Margreve and had it rocking on all cylinders, exactly as it was supposed to be. To be fair, I have to warn you that spoilers follow.

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Newest Addition to the Kobold Warrens: Marc Radle, Art Director

Marc, the newest kobold!
We here at Kobold Quarterly would like to give a hearty kobold welcome to Marc Radle, who will take up the reins of art director. Marc, welcome to the crew!

Marc is a professional graphic artist and designer by trade. In his copious amount of spare time, he also does freelance illustration, writing, and graphic design. (sleep is highly overrated!) He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, teenaged son, and two very spoiled cats.

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Play It Like You Stole It!

Grabbing the GoldThank you.

Five years ago, I was writing Living Greyhawk adventures as a volunteer for the RPGA. We were trying new ideas and having fun, but I wanted to do more. I joined Empire of the Ghouls as a senior patron and started learning with the community at Open Design. I playtested, I punched up stat blocks, and when I saw a chance to write an adventure, I asked Wolfgang, “Put me in, coach, I won’t disappoint you.”

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The Kobolds Take Home Two ENnies

2012 ENnies GoldOn Friday, August 17, 2012, many gathered at Union Station in Indianapolis for the ENnie Awards. The kobolds, who were already pleased at being nominated for various awards, were ecstatic when they learned the results of the fans’ votes: Open Design won gold awards for Streets of Zobeck (Best Adventure) and Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design (Best RPG-Related Product). Congratulations go to all those who added their talent, skills, and passion for gaming to both of these products, and many thanks go to those who voted for these products.

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