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Kobold Wisdom: Gen Con 2012

Koboldy goodness. Shiny words. Good words. Words of wisdom. Words of power.
Kobolds do more than build traps. They sometimes venture forth to gatherings of creatures and seek to impart their wisdom to these worthy beings. Soon, in fact, you’ll have some proof of this type of activity. Until that time arrives, you can seek out the Paizo booth in the Gen Con Exhibit Hall and pick up one of the titles you see in the picture. (Go! Seek the wisdom of the written word if you’re in the vicinity, then check out one of the panels listed in this handy schedule.)

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Endzeitgeist Reviews Open Design’s New Planar Releases

Dark Roads CoverWe just saw a couple of great reviews from Endzeitgeist over at Paizo.com, and wanted to wave them at you!

First, he calls Dark Roads & Golden Hells “One of the best planar sourcebooks ever made”.

As if that weren’t enough, he also deems Shadow Planes & Pocket Worlds: A Dark Roads and Golden Hells Supplement “a stellar supplement at an unbeatable price”.

We’re big fans of fantastic adventures across the planes here, so it’s gratifying to see the wonderful reception that Dark Roads & Golden Hells and Shadow Planes & Pocket Worlds have gotten. Want to see more like this? Let us know!

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ENnie Award Nominations for Open Design!

2012 ENnies NomineeThere is singing, dancing and drinking in the kobold mines today: Open Design received four ENnie Award 2012 nominations. Here’s what we’re up for this year:

Congratulations to Ben McFarland, Hugo Solis, Richard Pett, Wolfgang Baur and all of the contributors to these projects! And thank you to the fine folks who purchased, read, played, and recommended them.

Voting will begin on Friday, July 20 and runs to Sunday, July 29.

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PaizoCon 2012 Gallery

Take a look at all the goodies the kobolds brought! (Photographer: Wolfgang Baur)

The kobolds descended upon PaizoCon 2012 and made it their temporary home away from home for a few days. In the gallery we’re presenting, you can see a few of the kobolds hard at work, plus some fun mittens, and the all-important booth! Wolfgang and Adam ran games, various kobolds manned the booth, and a lot of fun was had by all!

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Monsters of Sin for Pathfinder: Avarice

Monsters of Sin - Avarice“You kill those who stand between you and your goals. You strive to pull down the mighty, and usurp their power. You plunder ancient tombs and spend your coin on the pleasures of the flesh. Tell me, Pathfinder: will you be able to stand against the Monsters of Sin? Or have you already fallen to them?”

Of all humanity’s sins, seven are recognized as being truly deadly. Challenge your players’ PCs with their corrupting influence – subscribe to our new Monsters of Sin  PDF series for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or pick up each new volume separately. (The subscription’s a much better deal.)

Speaking of deals, the first book in the series is devoted to Avarice: the insatiable lust for wealth. Here’s what it has in store for the unwary…

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