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Roachling Feats and Paragon Path

Roachling 2(Illustration by Josef Sparrow)

The print edition of Courts of the Shadow Fey for 4E recently shipped to patrons. Since roachlings and their demon patron Lord Akyishigal feature prominently in the adventure, new options—8 feats and a paragon pathare presented today for your roachling PC.

Arthropod [Roachling, Heroic Tier]

Benefit: You have grown two smaller, weaker arms beneath your normal set. You gain a +2 feat bonus to a single Dex or Str roll each round. In a round that you do not use this bonus, you may retrieve or stow one item (from a pouch, bandolier, or similar container) on your person as a free action.

Darksight Training [Heroic Tier]

Prerequisites: Wis 13, trained in Dungeoneering
Benefit: You gain darkvision of 6 squares.
Special: You may take this feat more than once. Each time you select this feat, your darkvision increases by 6 squares, but you become more sensitive to bright light. After the first time, you also gain vulnerability 2 radiant…

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Savas, God of Conflict

warIn ancient days, wars raged for countless reasons—and sometimes, no reason at all. Champions of the people proved their worth time and again in the struggles that many viewed more as sport that politics. Blood was shed for glory and gold as often as justice and peace. This was Savas’s reign.

Savas (Unaligned Greater God)


Savas was a great chieftain who led his people to conquer most of the known world. He was a warrior king, whose authority came from his ability, not his birth. He led countless armies into battle, seeking nothing more than a glorious death.

Legend says Savas refused the messenger of death three times until the god of creation drew him from the battlefield to forever watch over warriors and champions…

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A Portrait of a Paragon: The Primal Dwarf

DwarfAs one of the oldest races, dwarves are intimately familiar to experienced players. Even if you’ve never rolled a dwarf, you probably have a basic concept in mind when you think dwarf: a long beard, surly attitude, a love of hammers and axes, and a penchant for beer.

With the 4th edition introduction of the primal power source, we have several new and, at first glance, seemingly out-of-character options for dwarves. But looking deeper, we see that primal classes can fit dwarves just as naturally as a dank mine or a warm tankard of ale. The Child of the Mountain paragon path presents one option tailor-made for a dwarf shaman…

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Monday Monsters: Facestealer

470px-The_Scream“I will become you!”

Prerequisite Doppelganger

While all doppelgangers are accomplished shapeshifters, some take the art of shapeshifting to new levels. These doppelgangers are able to impersonate not just the physical form of another creature, but also some aspects of their personality, experience, and knowledge, becoming in essence the very creature they are copying. Because of their potent abilities, facestealers are justly feared by most humanoids, but not all facestealers are villains, and some use their unique abilities to help the cause of justice even if their tactics might be called into question.

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