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Deep Magic ebook Now Available for iOS 7

Deep Magic AppHave you ever been caught spell-less by a gang of hungry gnolls? Do your hirelings groan under the weight of carrying your magical library through the wilderness?

Now you can carry a massive tome of spells in your pocket! The Deep Magic Spell Reference for iPad and iPhone (with an Android version coming this summer) includes hundreds of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible spells from Deep Magic, the mammoth collection out now from Kobold Press.

With the Deep Magic Spell Reference you will astonish the mundane folk and confound your enemies, with fast, easy lookup during play:

  • Search for the spell you need by level, school, or class
  • Sort your spellbook by name, level, range or casting time
  • Filter by class, level, school, range or saving throw

Download this great RPG resource today for a mere $2.99—this introductory price is for this weekn only!

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Strifeborn Ravager

Alexander mosaic photographed in Museo Archaeologico Naples (Provided by Magrippa and Piero)A rocky shape bursts from the ground in an eruption of bloody mud. Broken weapons jut from its massive body, and shards of shattered helmets encircle its head.

The strifeborn ravager is an elemental spirit corrupted and driven mad by the death and destruction of large-scale battle. Already impressive in size, truly gigantic specimens could exist if the battle that spawned it were expansive enough.

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Treasures with a Tale to Tell: The Cloak of Slime

SlimeWith Deep Magic just hitting the shelves, gamemasters have no excuse for sub-par magic in their games. This extends to magic items, and, as a celebration of the debut of Deep Magic, I offer you all something to help you let your imaginations soar. Today, give your players the cloak of slime.

Appearance and History

You make out something glossy and reflective in your sputtering torchlight. Approaching cautiously, you see what at first appeared to be a patch of inert slime, but no, something is different about it. It has the definite shape of a cloak! Even down to the clasps that might hang upon a wearer’s shoulders. Do you dare to test this theory?

A cloak of slime is an aberration—a freak organism with potent sorcery and a sinister purpose. Centuries ago, an avatar of the demon lord of ooze and poison was summoned into existence by a self-destructive cult devoted to its name. The cultists fed the creature animals, prisoners, and sometimes their own members. While this creature remained on the material plane, the avatar left a thick and toxic spoor in its wake.

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Real Scrolls Now Available

Fireball teaserLike most gamers we love old books and scrolls and such. That’s why our new Real Scrolls line — now available at DriveThruRPG — was so much fun to create. We worked with calligrapher Kathy Barker to make printable handouts that give players the sense of really holding a scroll with a spell on it. And in addition to bring decorative, they have all the info needed about the spell, compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

You can get Real Scrolls for:

(Yes, we know there’s a typo on Fireball — it says “magnus” instead of “magus.” It shouldn’t cause the spell to blow you and your allies up.) Scribe’s error now corrected!

Let us know what you think!


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The Paladin: Expanding the Boundaries of Faith, Part V

Sir Joseph Noel Paton - I Wonder Who Lived In ThereThrough this series, I’ve argued that paladins should not be relegated to a single alignment, and I’ve given rules and advice for playing paladins of other alignments. This installment will detail my rules on playing a paladin who worships a chaotic neutral deity. If you’ve been following thus far, I hope you’ve enjoyed everything up to this point, and I hope you enjoy this last presentation. Without further ado, I present the rules for playing a nihilist. You will need both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and the Advanced Player’s Guide.

The Nihilist

The nihilist seems a walking contradiction. They proclaim by their lives and actions that they believe in nothing, yet what they are proclaim that they do, in fact, believe in something. In truth, the only thing the nihilists truly believes in are themselves: Each is an instrument of his or her deity’s will, so therefore anything the nihilist chooses to do is his or her deity’s will; anything that does not affect this is irrelevant and unimportant. Nihilists typically follow deities of such fickle aspects as Luck, Destiny, and Chaos itself, though some few are found in the service of gods of Death, Decay, or War. They do as they please and further their deity’s plans because they truly believe that nothing else matters. Pleasure is fleeting, life is temporary, but the cause… the cause will always exist.

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