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Free City of Zobeck Now on Hero Lab

Hero LabThe Crossroads City is compiled at last in Hero Lab, for everyone who loves noir adventure, clockwork characters, dwarves, and kobolds. You’ll find a wealth of new feats, PC races, spells, equipment and archetypes to create gritty urban characters! This package includes content from Alleys of ZobeckStreets of Zobeckthe Zobeck Gazetteer, and the Player’s Guide to the Crossroads, all for $9.99.

Learn more at Lone Wolf Development’s website!


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Deep Magic: Druid Spells Preview

Deep Magic - Mountain DruidWhen conversation turns to magic and spells, we at Kobold Press understand that sorcerers and wizards are the first classes that pop into many Pathfinder players’ minds. The goal of Deep Magic, though, is to outfit every spellcasting class with a host of new magic options that are imaginative, highly useful, and just plain cool—including new spells of every level.  In short, we want to help players create any kind of caster they can imagine as well as provide them with new, unexpected sparks of inspiration.

Take the druid, for example. Although the class revolves around the core concept of allying with beasts and manipulating nature, there’s a lot of room for these primal guardians to use appropriately flavored spells to take their heroic exploits to new heights.

Below are Deep Magic’s 177 druid spells by level. For more details, check out the book when it’s available this spring!

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Cranberry Ooze

Photo courtesy of Jem Stone from ChaileyThe result of alchemical experimentation by insane arcanists with a penchant for oozes and jellied fruits, the cranberry ooze has a deep maroon color, with bits of fruit peel, pit stones, and the yet-undissolved parts of unfortunate victims still suspended within its form.

When I first saw one such monstrosity, it crept along the floor toward me, and I heard a distinct sucking noise. Then, without warning, a second identical ooze fell from the ceiling on my companion. His armor sizzled as it wrapped around him and he scraped at it wildly with his axe.

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The Turkolich and Stuffinglings

Turkolich (Brian W Suskind)As the holiday season roars down upon us, your thoughts may turn to family, friends, merriment, and feasts. In other words, you foolishly believe you are safe. For, as you place the Thanksgiving roast upon the table, basking in the sounds of admiration and growling stomachs, an ancient evil arises. It opens its own chest to send forth its legions of bready minions while your attacks strike harmlessly against its wrinkled bones. Then as you gaze past the petrified wattle into glowing red eyes, it opens its beak and spews forth magma-like gravy to spell your doom.

Beware that which gobbles in the night.

Beware the Turkolich!

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Tomb Magic

Gisant de François II, cathédrale de Nantes (France). Photo by Jibi44

The Crypt-Keepers

It takes a special sort of person to work with the dead . . . and an even more special type to want to keep them resting. The Crypt-Keepers are an ancient order of reclusive sorcerers and wizards who have dedicated their efforts to securing the sleep of the dead from all that would disturb them. Most often, this manifests in the creation of numerous enchantments in and around tombs, and many an adventurer has unknowingly blundered into one of their traps. They rarely advertise their affiliation, though all of them are lawful in nature, and sometimes they journey across the land to find new tombs to protect. They tend to get insulted when treasures are removed from tombs, but at the same time, they can be very grateful when treasure is returned, and the same magic used to protect tombs can often be put to good use making other ruins and dungeons much safer. Little is known about any headquarters or branch locations they possess, though such areas are likely to be near graveyards or particularly notable tombs, yet appear to be quite ordinary from the outside. Incidentally, their order is very popular among rulers and those who wish to have their tombs protected; the Crypt-Keepers are quite happy to help, and the generous funding they get from this ensures the livelihood of their order.

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