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Treasures with a Tale to Tell: The Cloak of Slime

SlimeWith Deep Magic just hitting the shelves, gamemasters have no excuse for sub-par magic in their games. This extends to magic items, and, as a celebration of the debut of Deep Magic, I offer you all something to help you let your imaginations soar. Today, give your players the cloak of slime.

Appearance and History

You make out something glossy and reflective in your sputtering torchlight. Approaching cautiously, you see what at first appeared to be a patch of inert slime, but no, something is different about it. It has the definite shape of a cloak! Even down to the clasps that might hang upon a wearer’s shoulders. Do you dare to test this theory?

A cloak of slime is an aberration—a freak organism with potent sorcery and a sinister purpose. Centuries ago, an avatar of the demon lord of ooze and poison was summoned into existence by a self-destructive cult devoted to its name. The cultists fed the creature animals, prisoners, and sometimes their own members. While this creature remained on the material plane, the avatar left a thick and toxic spoor in its wake.

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Real Scrolls Now Available

Fireball teaserLike most gamers we love old books and scrolls and such. That’s why our new Real Scrolls line — now available at DriveThruRPG — was so much fun to create. We worked with calligrapher Kathy Barker to make printable handouts that give players the sense of really holding a scroll with a spell on it. And in addition to bring decorative, they have all the info needed about the spell, compatible with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

You can get Real Scrolls for:

(Yes, we know there’s a typo on Fireball — it says “magnus” instead of “magus.” It shouldn’t cause the spell to blow you and your allies up.) Scribe’s error now corrected!

Let us know what you think!


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The Paladin: Expanding the Boundaries of Faith, Part V

Sir Joseph Noel Paton - I Wonder Who Lived In ThereThrough this series, I’ve argued that paladins should not be relegated to a single alignment, and I’ve given rules and advice for playing paladins of other alignments. This installment will detail my rules on playing a paladin who worships a chaotic neutral deity. If you’ve been following thus far, I hope you’ve enjoyed everything up to this point, and I hope you enjoy this last presentation. Without further ado, I present the rules for playing a nihilist. You will need both the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and the Advanced Player’s Guide.

The Nihilist

The nihilist seems a walking contradiction. They proclaim by their lives and actions that they believe in nothing, yet what they are proclaim that they do, in fact, believe in something. In truth, the only thing the nihilists truly believes in are themselves: Each is an instrument of his or her deity’s will, so therefore anything the nihilist chooses to do is his or her deity’s will; anything that does not affect this is irrelevant and unimportant. Nihilists typically follow deities of such fickle aspects as Luck, Destiny, and Chaos itself, though some few are found in the service of gods of Death, Decay, or War. They do as they please and further their deity’s plans because they truly believe that nothing else matters. Pleasure is fleeting, life is temporary, but the cause… the cause will always exist.

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Advanced Races: Aasimar Now Available

Sword of the Righteous!


Aasimar might carry a few drops of heavenly blood—but they are warriors and summoners to be rightly feared! For they shall lay down the word of the Law, sinners, and strike down upon the wicked with furious anger! 

With celestial power and the unique insight of the divine, the aasimar deliver both a touch of divine grace, and unique insight into how and why great evils might best be destroyed!

Advanced Races: Aasimar gives you everything you need to play an aasimar adventurer from the celestial traditions. This 20-page sourcebook by designer Adam Roy includes:

  • 6 new aasimar racial traits and 4 Mythic traits including Celestial Awareness, Fiery Light of Heaven, Mythic Mark, and Splendor of the Divine
  • 9 new Mythic feats and 4 regular feats, including Adamant Spirit, Greater Smite, Purity of Heaven, and Supreme Celestial Resistance
  • 3 new archetypes: Celestial Rhymer, Celestial Summoner, and Purifier
  • 14 new spells and 2 new subdomains, Angel and Radiance
  • 3 new Mythic magic items and 4 Transcendant Artifacts
  • An overview of the Aasimar in the Midgard Campaign Setting
  • And much more!

The celestial chorus calls you to right the wrongs of the world—smite down demons, speak forth the words of the Law, and bring down your righteous hammer on the unholy! 

Available now at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and Paizo.

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Treasures with a Tale to Tell: The Alchemist’s Lodestone

Tom Murphy VII: Old book bindingsAfter the excitement of a hard-fought battle, many a gamemaster will have the sudden impulse to reward their tenacious players with a few extra goodies beyond the standard potions, scrolls, and coin. But throwing in a +3 flaming battleaxe at the last minute doesn’t always capture the moment the way you want it to. After six or more hours of carving their way through your encounters, puzzles, and traps and then finally defeating a deadly adversary, your players deserve something grandiose. They deserve something with a story. Today you give them the Alchemist’s Lodestone.

Appearance and History

This elegant bauble, about the size of a large grape, is as dark as night, and twined in silver to a bronze neck cord. Beneath this strange trinket are yellowed pages upon which arcane text flickers with unfathomable symbols and agitated diagrams of unknown origin. As you sift through them, you are unsure if the writings are the work of a genius… or a madman.

This unique trinket came from the mind and methods of Dinton Crane, a man proficient in magic and an accomplished alchemist. Crane was, like many of his contemporaries, fascinated by the bewildering properties of the mineral accumulations known as lodestones. Crane saw potential for improvement and refinement in the stone’s properties and spent much of his life in frantic experimentation.

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