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Tomb Magic

Gisant de François II, cathédrale de Nantes (France). Photo by Jibi44

The Crypt-Keepers

It takes a special sort of person to work with the dead . . . and an even more special type to want to keep them resting. The Crypt-Keepers are an ancient order of reclusive sorcerers and wizards who have dedicated their efforts to securing the sleep of the dead from all that would disturb them. Most often, this manifests in the creation of numerous enchantments in and around tombs, and many an adventurer has unknowingly blundered into one of their traps. They rarely advertise their affiliation, though all of them are lawful in nature, and sometimes they journey across the land to find new tombs to protect. They tend to get insulted when treasures are removed from tombs, but at the same time, they can be very grateful when treasure is returned, and the same magic used to protect tombs can often be put to good use making other ruins and dungeons much safer. Little is known about any headquarters or branch locations they possess, though such areas are likely to be near graveyards or particularly notable tombs, yet appear to be quite ordinary from the outside. Incidentally, their order is very popular among rulers and those who wish to have their tombs protected; the Crypt-Keepers are quite happy to help, and the generous funding they get from this ensures the livelihood of their order.

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Monster Monday: Shroud Eater

Cesar Tort provides a picture of the “Wall face” appearance, purportedly paranormal but probably made by human hands, of the famous House of the Faces in Spain.This woman was once beautiful, but her bloated features are now just one horrible mask, a parody of her former self. As she nimbly emerges from the darkness, the details of her terrible transformation becomes all too evident: the tattered remains of her own burial shroud are being slowly consumed by the distorted mouth of the creature she’d turned into. The rotten tissue within the oral cavity has transmuted into a putrid mass mixed with dark blood whose stench is unbearable.

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Relic of Power: Visionary Goggles

Is this Phineas the gnome? Maybe. Maybe not. (Artist: Jazep Drazdovič)Phineas Cooperbotham was a finicky old gnome, even for a powerful wizard. He liked everything to go smoothly and got rather irate when things didn’t go as planned. So one day he set out to make sure that if something drastic did go wrong, he could fix it. In fact, he determined that if it went so wrong as to require that level of adjustment then he might as well “do it again and do it right this time.” And thus were born his Visionary Goggles.

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Lost Magic: Cone of Many Curses

Portrait of a Scholar - Domenico FettiDo you need some more magic in your game? Perhaps you want to make your foes less effective in combat and other areas of potential conflict. Take a look at what Lost Magic entrant Gary provided us with. Imagine how you could make this spell work in the story of the game, too, in terms of how to describe what the curse feels like to one affected by it.

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