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Wayward Children of the Abyss (Part 3)


Smoldering Host of the Risen

“This is not what we had planned to create,” sighed the Archdaemon of Wasting. “This is not what I wanted.”

“Can you call it a failure?” Her consort and servitor asked in return with a wry expression of pride.

“Yes Trelmarixian, I do.” The reply dripped with a curious mixture of ownership, disappointment, and grudging respect.

The Lysogenic Prince nodded, the gelatinous slurry of his facial features parting into a wry, flowing grin. “As you wish Lady of Famine. We shall make another attempt, and as for this…?”

A dismissive glare of black, mirrored eyes framed her reply. “Dispose of it. We care not where or how. Then, begin again.”

The Parasite Queen watched her consort leave with her other servitors, their collective failure in tow, likely soon to hurl it into the Maelstrom, or the Abyss, or some hapless world upon the material plane. They would not destroy it though, they never did, and in the fading glow of their creation’s sickly green flame, it might only be a matter of time before that callous disregard returned to haunt them and many others…

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Wayward Children of the Abyss (Part 2 of 5)

archonInsular to the point of xenophobia, the peacock spawn interact only sparingly with outsiders, trading for weapons or magical items, but always with disdain as if they believed themselves superior to other beings even in the face of their own often desperate tribulations within the Abyss.

Habitat & Society

Continually wandering, with no set layer to call their home, the peacock spawn take refuge on abandoned or unclaimed layers, but even when they find a place of relative safety, they never remain there for more than a year or two at most before moving on, resuming their search. Though their wandering seems aimless, their vision of what their birthplace resembles is a firm dogma among their kind: a warped version of the great mountain of Heaven and a cold, burning pit of lightless flame where the unworthy are blinded and consumed by something too beautiful to exist within reality’s mundane trappings…

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Wayward Children of the Abyss (Part 1 of 5)

abyssA manifestation of twisted freedom and self-devouring depravity taken to their most horrific ends, the Abyss contains virtually uncountable numbers of fiends, perhaps bordering upon the infinite. But while its labyrinthine depths swim, choked by its fecund natives, its resident demons are not the only creatures hungering for blood and slaughter for their own sake. The tale of Golarion’s Abyss begins in the prehistory of the cosmos, and indeed, the fiends now known as demons originated outside of its depths as a terrible experiment by the soul-devouring daemons of Abbadon—one which succeeded far beyond their capacity for control. Though the wayward children of the archdaemons remade the Abyss in their own image, they were not the first inhabitants, nor were their origins a unique occurrence.

The corners and dark places of the Abyss harbor many things. The list is legion and includes everything from colonies of rogue demodands; the creations of demon-lords like the incorporeal yix’an; unclassified terrors such as the parasitic synx; imprisoned or exiled spawn of evil gods; legacies of the plane’s first lords and those who would supplant or destroy it; and yet other failed successes of the archdaemons. However, of this catalog of horrors, three capture planar scholars’ attention most and the wary eye of others: the peacock spawn, the smoldering host of the Risen, and the children of malignant symmetry…

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