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Open Design Podcast 6:
Laws, Connors, Macklin

Despite the vagaries of illness and uncertain guests, the Open Design Podcast has delivered another fine — and free! — show. Regular John Wick delivers his Wicked Fantasy segment with style, and yours hosts are me, Rone Barton, and Ed Healy.

Our lead guest this time out is design innovator and legend Robin Laws (of GUMSHOE , the Dungeon Master’s Guide II, and Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering, among many others). He tells us about investigative adventures and player choices.

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Open Design 005: Feythulhu

OD_Podcast_200pxThe newest Open Design Podcast, a discussion about game design and game mastery, brings us a slate of expert guests, including:

* ‘Ask the Kobold’ with Skip Williams
* ‘Wicked Fantasy’ with John Wick
* Green Ronin publisher Chris Pramas
* Open Design stalwart Joshua Stevens
* Operatic madman Nicolas Logue

We talk about game design and game mastery, including Courts of the Shadow Fey, Dragon Age, George RR Martin, the Chain Mail minis game from Wizards of the Coast, The Whispering Vault, and how to design a better set of options when working with minis.

Your hosts — Wolfgang Baur, Rone Barton, and Ed Healy — also announce the next contest: A free patronage to the upcoming Open Design projects is at stake, and you could win! Please submit your entry by October 10.

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Open Design Podcast 4:
Greenwood, Kenson, Styrsky

ODP_IconI can’t believe it’s been a month, but GenCon always plays havoc with a sense of time. The latest and greatest Open Design Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

In addition to regulars Skip Williams and Monte Cook, yours truly and co-hosts Ed Healy and Rone Barton discuss the recent crop of ENnie Awards. Oh, and some guests.

We chat with noted Green Ronin designer Steve Kenson about a designer’s relationship with editors. And about how design decisions shift from edition to edition in game systems such as Mutants & Masterminds.

We also talk to Ed Greenwood about all things fantastical; certainly his home campaign became the largest and longest-running RPG setting. I’m a little jealous that my co-hosts got this interview; Ed’s always a got something funny, smart, or wicked to say. Sometimes all three at once.

Finally, it’s not all industry veterans. Stefen Styrsky joined Open Design with the Empire of the Ghouls project, and has been with us ever since. Not only has he started contributing great content to the projects themselves, you can also find his Bard articles in the pages of Kobold Quarterly. Call it a newcomer’s view of the field.

Do Not Miss!

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Open Design 003: Kobold Quarterly 10

Kobold Quarterly 10

Open Design 003: Kobold Quarterly 10
Chaos and Creativity edition

Welcome to the Open Design Podcast, a discussion about game design and game mastery with hosts Wolfgang Baur, Ed Healy and Rone Barton.

Regular Features:
* ‘Ask the Kobold’ with Skip Williams
* ‘Game Theories’ with Monte Cook

John Wick created Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea for Alderac Entertainment Group, winning four Origins awards in the process, before moving on to start Wicked Dead Brewing Company with Jared Sorensen. Last year, John released the long-awaited Houses of the Blooded, which sold out in under a week. He’s a brilliant designer and he agreed to share some wisdom with us.

John’s Open Design credits include the Wicked Fantasy series – articles about classic fantasy races, but with a twist. The first installment is in the recently released Kobold Quarterly Issue #10.

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Open Design 002: Halls of the Mountain King (OGL)

Kobold Ecologies

Open Design 002: Halls of the Mountain King (OGL)

Welcome to the Open Design Podcast, a discussion about game design and game mastery with hosts Wolfgang Baur, Ed Healy and Rone Barton.

Regular Features:
* ‘Ask the Kobold’ with Skip Williams (Pinning in Combat)
* ‘Game Theories’ with Monte Cook (Do Overs)

We took a trip to The Far Realm with 4th Edition designed Bruce Cordell. Bruce recounts his journey from lab tech to game designer and novelist, and discuss the horror genre from the perspective of a game master and game designer.

Also Mentioned: Elendor MUSH

For some time, Wolfgang has been going back and forth with his nemesis, Phil Menard, about a number of topics – from the differences between the editions to the value of crunch vs. fluff. We invited the Chatty DM come on and continue their conversation, live.

Also Mentioned: Dungeon Crawl Classics (Goodman Games)

Paizo Publishing, former publisher of Dragon and Dungeon magazines, changed the rules of adventure publishing when it introduced the concept of the Adventure Path. Over the past two years, Paizo’s Pathfinder series has been taking that concept to a new level. Pathfinder Editor-in-Chief James Jacobs joins us to talk about the editorial side and how game mastery informs game design. Wolfgang also holds James’ feet to the fire about something that would be awesome!

James’s Open Design credits include ‘Jezebal, Princess of Poison Winters’ (Kobold Quarterly 5).

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