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Open Design 001: Kobold Ecologies

Kobold Ecologies

Open Design 001: Kobold Ecologies

Welcome to the Open Design Podcast, a discussion about game design and game mastery with hosts Wolfgang Baur, Ed Healy and Rone Barton.

Regular Features:
* ‘Ask the Kobold’ with Skip Williams
* ‘Game Theories’ with Monte Cook

What do Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, Al-Qadim, Spelljammer and Planescape all have in common? The answer: veteran author, designer and developer Jeff Grubb, who joins us to talk about world building and the joys of collaborative design.

Jeff’s Open Design credits include ‘Joining the Noble Classes’ (Kobold Quarterly 2), ‘Secret Adventure Naming Tables’ (Kobold Quarterly 4), ‘Courtiers of Zobeck’ (Kobold Quarterly 9), ‘The Blood Oasis’ (Six Arabian Nights).

Also Mentioned: BOZ’s Critter Bits and Magic Recipes! (EN World)

Halls of the Mountain King is the current, ongoing, Open Design project. Senior Patron Brandon Hodge gave his perspective on patronage, his contributions to the development on Halls, and what he’s learned about game design.

Also Mentioned: Big Top Candy Shop & Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Clinton J. Boomer is known for his contributions to Paizo’s Pathfinder books. We spoke with him about monster design, and how he goes about bringing new critters to life for our gaming enjoyment.

Boomer’s Open Design credits include ‘The Ecology of the Half-Giant’ & ‘The Ecology of the Retriever’ (Kobold Ecologies), as well as numerous articles on the Kobold Quarterly website.

Also Mentioned: CreativeJuices7 (YouTube)

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4E Kobolds and the Tome Show

Jeff Grubb wrote up a version of the Zobeck kobold for use as a 4E PC race over on his Grubb Street site.

Technically, Zobeck is a setting for 3E D&D, but I’m happy to see fan material for it in any edition. This one is especially nice because he really gets the urban kobold spin, and he has first-hand knowledge of how kobolds fit into the Zobeck setting. Go take a look, and let me know what you think.

Also, the Tome Show has posted another installment in their discussion of Blood of the Gorgon. I haven’t gotten to listen to it yet, but will check it out later today. I think this one includes a segment with one or more patrons. If you like it, please let me know in the forums. If you hate it, please tell the kind folks over at the Tome Show.

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7 DM Habits and a New Podcast

Because there’s a million gaming sites and blogs and podcasts, I’ll just mention a few I like. KQ contributor Jonathan Drain offered up the 7 Habits of A Successful Dungeon Master recently, which I like because it’s short and yet it’s clear he knows where the DM pitfalls are. Definitely worth a look, even for experienced screen jockeys.

And the Atomic Array podcast takes a look at Colonial Gothic, a small-press game that seems to have found a following. What do you all think of podcasts? Should the chittering voice of kobolds ring out over the podwaves? I like the format, generally, but… it might take time away from the next issue. Let me know in the Forums.

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