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Sample Witch’s Feat: Familiar Concentration

cat familiarHalloween came early at KoboldQuarterly.com, when loyal reader Charles knocked on our door and asked for a treat. Specifically, he hoped we’d share one of the 30 new feats for the witch character class in Sigfried Trent’s Advanced Feats: The Witch’s Brew.

No need to punish us with a trick, Charles—here, for your pleasure, is a potent new feat called Familiar Concentration…

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From the Streets: Down & Dirty with Richard Pett

The Streets of Zobeck are calling you…
Streets of Zobeck
Danger lurks on the back streets of Zobeck. Places where you’re just as likely to find a knife in the back as the fence you sought to hire. Places where you might just want to remain unnoticed when you see who’s waiting for you.

Like the scoundrels in those dark alleyways, Zobeck’s stories are gore spattered, flush with the blood, loot, and secrets of the Clockwork City’s citizens. What kind of secrets? What might you find? Can we interest you in this fine cloak? We’d try it ourselves, but we’re late to meet a Kariv river boat captain…

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