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Real Steel: Cutlass

Seax cutlass hybrid 010 - 001The cutlass is a short sword in the saber family, usually having a broad, curved blade. It was commonly seen in naval service, most likely due to its ability to cut, thrust, and brawl in close quarters. It was also no doubt used to cut rope, canvas, and even brush when carried as a side arm by landing parties.

This One Is a Hybrid

This is a custom piece that evolved over time as my client and I discussed what he was looking for. We talked about seax, langseax, WWI trench knives, classic Viking swords (but shorter), and D-guard Bowies. What we arrived at was an interesting seax/cutlass hybrid with a steel D-guard. At no point did either of us say the word “cutlass,” but that’s what this mostly resembles.

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Real Steel: Mammen Axe

PathfinderThe Mammen axe is known from a single example found in a grave at Mammen, Denmark, and it dates from about 970-971 CE. The axe is very well made and inlaid with silver, and it was probably ceremonial and purpose-made to be buried with its rich and powerful owner, likely a Viking Jarl.

OK, Not Exactly…

The client for this commission wanted a Mammen-like axe, but wanted to be able to use it for camp chores. Inlay is easily torn out and is usually reserved for ceremonial or art pieces. After some discussion we decided on the design and even included an etching based on art provided by the client. We also decided that I’d use an antique axe head that I already had on hand.

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Real Steel: Mjolnir

Mjolnir in Hand with Circular Text QuarterMjolnir. The name conjures images of godly strife, powerful storms, and supernatural battles.

This is something my brother, David, and I had wanted to do for a long time. Some of you followed or backed our Kickstarter. Thank you! For those that didn’t, this is how I made Mjolnir.

The Process

For this project, David did all the graphic art, which helped guide me in the metalwork. We wanted the project to make backers feel like they were in David’s studio and in my shop for the creative process and to help them feel involved.

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Real Steel: Kobold’s Choice Benefit Raffle Update

This is what a flanged mace looks like (and is not the actual Real Steel mace)Our little benefit raffle to help out a fellow gamer in a time of need is done, and one thing is very clear: Kobolds care . . . a lot.

All told we raised $580 to help Ernie get back on his feet. I’m in contact with his brother, Luke, who has set up a fund to handle donations, and that’s where the contributions from the warrens are headed. What a great community this is! I’m proud to be a part of it. You guys rock hard.

The next order of business is to announce the winners . . .

The US winner is none other than Tim Werner of the great state of Oregon, also known as TimsterMon in the KP forums. Congratulations, Tim! The mace will soon be built and yours!

The non-US winner is Zander from the London D&D Meetup. Congratulations, Zander! The Mjolnir pendant will be on its way to you shortly!

I’ll begin video documenting the mace build this week for a Real Steel real soon.

Thank you, Kobolds!

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